On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

Oh man, I remember having a conversation with my mom when I was like, 22 and freaking out about getting older and I was like "I'm going to be OLD and twenty year old guys will think I'm gross!" And my mom was like "Believe me honey, you are not going to find twenty year old guys attractive forever." And now I'm an even older old and I know she's right, but I'm still like "Aaaaaargh! Men in their thirties won't always find me attractive!"

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

@Jolie Kerr Yeah I mean, I laughed, but also my parents have a picture of me crying looking in the mirror at a picture of myself in clown makeup (I was really scared of clowns) and it always upset me knowing they took a picture of me crying and thought it was funny.

I hang with a two year old now, and so I know you can't take it super seriously every time they are crying or you would go insane, but I feel like this is really not honoring the fact that this child is really upset, and even if you can't do anything about it or think the reason is dumb, well, someone you love is upset.


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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

@Fayebelline I certainly sense the heavy hand of an editor here. Some of the details in this writing seem to not mesh up with the story we are being told about a woman who took and takes pretty good care of her children. I doubt the woman who makes an effort to communicate to her children that she loves them when they have doubts and who continues to care for her daughter for the rest of her would actually write that she didn't care if her infant lived or died or that she cared more if she left her dog at the store. She might think those things, but the woman so concerned with proper mothering wouldn't write them where said children can see it.

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On The Lean In Pie

@Jenn@twitter Oh good work! Apologies on my o'er sincere response!

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On The Lean In Pie

@Jenn@twitter It says on the bottom it's 110%, so, not an accident.

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On Leaving the Girl

@highjump Yeah, there a deep part of me that does believe intensity=intimacy, but I have started to think it's a self destructive part. But I can't deny the appeal.

I loved the all in one bed toddlers thing too. I also really miss the physical intimacy. So much hair touching and cuddling. Sigh.

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On Leaving the Girl

I have no idea how the author identifies, but this spoke to me, as a straight woman about what it felt like to be a straight girl falling in love with women in my twenties. It wasn't sexual in any normal way, but it felt exactly like falling in love or having an insane, all-consuming crush.

And yes, these bonds were often intensified with alcohol and smoking ALL the cigarettes and mutually affirming one another's poor life choices.

I'm glad my life is less chaotic now, but I am still so very attracted to this kind of love. It's the most powerful and most reciprocated love I've ever had in my life.

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On All Things Converge

Hmmm, I don't think it's so bad? I have an ex I am good friends with, we just weren't good together. It's been ten years since we were together and we went through a long period of not talking/hanging out much and now we're legit friends and I just, a couple days ago, got a save the date for his upcoming wedding. I can't go due to budgetary constraints (my sister is getting married in the fall and I have to save money) but I wish I could!

Friendly exes are great!

I can also put a lot of pressure on myself to be friends with exes though. I wasted a lot of time trying to be civil to my really bad ex, but that was entirely pointless, as he's the worst.

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On Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Mom

@LeafySeaDragon I think you have missed the joke.

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On Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Mom

@OhMarie LOL, sames. I was like, was my mom a returning student in this scenario but still somehow living out her party days?

I get jokes.

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