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By meetapossum on Let's Balance Out This Horrible Selfie With This Wonderful Selfie

@Sea Ermine I have a feeling I will be too dead to care anyway, but I've always wanted a wake where people just drink and tell good stories about me, so you know what? Selfies accepted.

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By Sea Ermine on Let's Balance Out This Horrible Selfie With This Wonderful Selfie

I hope that when I die all of the guests take selfies at my funeral. And if my sister is still alive I want her to take a selfie while holding a jar of my ashes #siblingsforever

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By finguns on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@frumious bandersnatch One of my favorite things about that series is the friendship of the 3 kids and how it changes and gets harder as they get older. I also love that Hermione has 2 boys as her best friends but there's no whiff of her trying to be "one of the boys" to suit them. I just pretty much love everything about Hermione, really. Watching my daughter reading the series and starting to look up to Hermione has been one of the highlights of my life as a parent (she has a Hermione robe and outfit she wears when no one is looking and a time turner she wears under her clothes every day).

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By frumious bandersnatch on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise


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By SmartCookie on Is Snooze the Enemy?

@planforamiracle I have one and I love it! I cringed at spending that much money on an alarm clock when I have a perfectly good cell phone but I hate hate hate waking up in the dark so it was totally worth it.

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By Gulfie on Friday Open Thread

Okay so I'm whining upthread about being single but ALSO I love my new grad program (despite the fact that I'm so busy I feel like I don't have time to breathe) and it's my birthday tomorrow and already I've made enough friends/acquaintances to organize a birthday event at a bar and I haven't been out drinking in awhile and also I had such bad social anxiety in college that I made very few friends and now I'm making all of the friends so in general I am VERY HAPPY.

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By supernovice on Friday Open Thread

@sydwi I once dated a guy for far too long on the strength of his texting when he was actually kind of a jerk in person? People are not their texts.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

Sobriety Update: Five months as of Wednesday. I'm noticing subtle differences in my body and my mind, as in, I can remember words and conversations and board trains of thought for days at a time. It still sucks not being able to be drunk with my friends (especially at weddings) but I'm stubborn about it now.

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By rekabeka on I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

Well, an article about Miley's crotch-grabbing antics is as good a place as any to post an update from the Friday Open Thread...

I posted that I was going to have a second round of images and an ultrasound done on my left breast. Good news, I guess - the lump over which they were concerned is very likely benign. Due to its uniform shape and size, they aren't too worried about it and told me I will need to come in every 6 months for 2 years to have it monitored to be sure it doesn't grow or alter its shape.

I'd rather they said it was someone's thumb over the lens, but I'll take what I can get.

Thanks to those 'Pinners who sent positive vibes my way - this is the best site with the greatest community and most intelligent comments.

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By MollyculeTheory on Friday Open Thread

Guys I wrote my first thing for The Toast! It's about licorice. Sorry if I'm being gross & self-promotion-y but I'm just v excited about it ):

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