On 10 Years, Actually: Colin & Harriet, Daniel & Sam

Oh, Daniel.

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On What Would Susan Miller Say? My Octocalypse Journal

I... basically have a crush on Aleksander Chan now based entirely on this post.

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On "My whole adult life has been built on something else: on thin feeling, on myth, on instinct"

@sunflowers I'm with you on this... beautiful, doesn't make a ton of sense, but beautiful. Esp: "Our art is cynical and bad-ass and made by people who will not be happy until you join them in the church of "everything is fucked up, so throw up your hands." This is art as anesthesia."

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On The Hairpin Travel Series

@quimby I would also like to know this. Also, I love your name.

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On The Toast Is Ready

WOO and HOO!

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On Friday Open Thread

@karenb i love b vitamins, can't live without them. gotten to a point where if i forget to take one pre-period i can feel it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@baked bean aw i get how you are speculatively sad! i do that all the time. I try not to. doesn't always work, but try to enjoy the moment! if you have to move you'll have plenty of time to be sad about it lateR!

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On Friday Open Thread

@smidge eat at velselka - http://www.veselka.com/

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On Friday Open Thread

@Beaker congrats!! eat eclairs!!

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On Friday Open Thread

@thiscallsforsoap SERIOUSLY WTF

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