On Welcome to Stoner's Laundry

OK, new rule: Republicans all HAVE to do their laundry at the laundromat at least once a month.

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On Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

@all I love all your Mums, they are amazing!

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On The Glittery Fountain In the Sky, Staying Closeted For Your Career, and Lesbian FOMO

@roadtrips I feel like maybe a way to counter the invasive questions could be "it's complicated and I don't feel it would be appropriate for me to get into it here (in this professional environment)."
*refers them to autostraddle/other online space of choice for additional reading if they want to know more*

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On When Drunk Dialing Is OK

@j-i-a But the one about the Grandma kinda sobered me up real quick.

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On When Drunk Dialing Is OK

@j-i-a "make yourself useful and mow the lawn" OMG this is perfection!

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On One Way to Respond to Catcalls

@Amphora That is AMAZING

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On A Visualization of the Government Shutdown

would like to see this juxtaposed with a graphic showing the cumulative wages paid to the GOP, themselves, during the shut down. I'm betting they are classified as "essential".
Oh, the irony.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Myrtle It's so great that you really want to help your friend in any way you can. It's understandable after the experiences that you've had that you are highly anxious about having another close call with someone close to you, or losing your friend.
But if she, herself, is fine with waiting for something to surface, that is her decision. Unfortunately, you can't just will someone to want to take action for their own health (something I will have to deal with constantly when I start to practice medicine).
I tentatively suggest that you seek counselling for yourself - it sounds like you might have some stuff to work through with regards to your past experiences and the ways in which they are informing your current behaviour. It might also help you come to terms with the fact that you may lose your friend in the wait for a kidney, and help you cope if that time comes (god forbid).
Ask your friend what you can do to help them in their current situation, in ways they are comfortable with. Does she/her husband need help around the house? What about doing the shopping? Do they have babysitting responsibilities for their grandchildren that could be taken over by you on dialysis days?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) I would pay more than $10 for this (but then I live in a country where manis are like $30 minimum).
Also, cuticle cutting weakens the nail - not only do you not have to worry about the hygiene of those particular tools but you can do a quicker mani without this step, so it's win/win/win.
I would also recommend having some polish remover, q-tips and cotton pads on hand for anyone who would love a new mani right then but needs current polish removed.
I love the idea of the tea and snacks, but maybe make it something that you can ingest with wet nail polish - cold drinks might be better for this, or hot drinks in insulated cups (I'm just thinking about when I have tea while my mani dries - the teacup handle is always my downfall!)

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

@muggles Yes, I'm afraid if I ever get pregnant this is what will out me before I get a chance to out myself.
But I'm actually okay with moderate drinking during pregnancy, so...

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