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By Oh, squiggles on Reading Between The Texts: Sexting, Sort Of. (?)

"The thing about guys is they just …. shouldn’t."

this is a correct and perfect statement.

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By Beaks on Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway Also, here is the tactic I used when test driving/ trying to figure out what I wanted, and it worked great and no one tried to pressure me beyond "let us know and we can cut you a good deal."

Go to the dealership. Hit up the reception desk and say "I want to test drive the XYZ" They will try to tell you all the things about the car- you can look these up online. I just said "you know, how the car feels is the most important thing for me, so can we just drive one?" Make sure that on the test drive you take the car through the conditions you're most likely to drive it in- highway, city streets, whatever. Then thank the salesperson and tell them you'll think about it.

Then, I'd take notes about what I liked/ didn't like about the car. I had my top things that I cared about: how well I could see out of it, how it handled, how the brakes/ accelerator felt, how well the car/ seats fit my body. You'll have different things- write them down.

Once you know which one you like best, hit up the internet, figure out what options you want, google "how to buy a new car," and then negotiate via email/ phone- that gives you time to think about things and it's harder for them to pressure you.

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@Gulf of Finland When he lived alone my husband did not own a hamper, a laundry basket, or brushes with which to clean his dishes, shower, or toilet. I bought him a laundry basket before we moved in together, bought him a tub brush and dish brush, and now he uses all of those things and never puts his clothes on the floor. SUCCESS.

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@klemay Send a bouquet of flowers to her hotel room, if you can sneakily find it out.

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guys guys guys, i am just so happy about this that i have no compunction about gloating about it here.

when i finally got to spend like half an hour making out with my crush-that-i-asked-out, he kept stopping just to hug me and mutter little things like "oh man" and "jeez" and kiss the side of my head.

it's so cheesy and yet i am so happyyyyy, i am spending a ridiculous amount of time just smiling off into the ether like a total nutjob. it's scary guyssss i'm happy it's scary.

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[u complete me]

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@missedconnections Yes, I'm always relieved when there are no men around, so I can drop the pretense that I'm interested in anything besides health, parenting, and talking about boys.

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"When you Google a guy, you don’t want to know if he voted Republican or what he wrote a paper about in college,” Ms. Chong said. “You want to know if mothers like him. Does he have good manners? Is he sweet?”

EXCUSE YOU, I do want to know if he votes Republican, that shit is not okay.

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@stuffisthings hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

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