On Ask a Glutton: I Need to Trick Everyone Into Thinking I'm an Adult This Thanksgiving

@jethskie most sentient bot yet?

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On The Funny Girls Pie

@supernintendochalmers There is a high-profile comedian in Aus named Wil Anderson who has basically come out and said that the only reason he does TV at all is because it raises his profile enough to sell tickets to his standup shows. He'd quit TV in a heartbeat and just do standup if he could pay his bills solely with that income stream alone.

What I'm saying is, Sarah Silverman is actually living the dream many (that one) comedian/s with their own TV shows dream of.

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On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

ALLIE!!! The ALOT alone is the greatest gift - you never have to respond to anything I ever send you, not even this comment, because you have already given me that.
And as someone who has a parent with depression (undiagnosed, but I can totally tell that's what it is) I really appreciate your candid discussion of the topic, and your post about what it's like to have it. It has really helped me and given me insight into my Mum's brain. It's vastly improved my relationship with her (see all you do for me?!), so you've already given so much. An internet comment is truly the least I can do for you.
Thank you.

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@rosaline Also Harry does not use her as a crutch - he has mad respect for her skills! Pretty sure if Harry hadn't been the one who was prophesied to have to die, Hermione would have BAMF'd that shit herself and been the ringleader of the group.

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@isabellebleu I dream of this life.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@Hot Doom According to this guy, ALL OF THE FOOD GROUPS BECOME CHOCOLATE!!!

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@Hot Doom Raw cacao - you get actual nutrients as well as chocolatey goodness!

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On If We Survive October We Can Have a Doomsday Sleepover Party in 2014

So Sydney is literally burning down as of Friday last week... 198 homes and 2 lives lost so far.

Thanks, Susan.

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On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@SmartCookie My mum said the same thing and I was like "duh" - the legs be hairy now, and if I shave, they will grow to be hairy again. It makes no difference!

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On One Way to Defend Your Lifestyle When Your Mom Asks You If You're Still "On Weed"

Love how someone had to do a paper to find out pot gives you the munchies.
Just ask ANY person who has tried pot?

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