On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

I created accounts on most of the greader alternatives and immediately stripped them down to the simplest setting possible. I was already pissed when they announced the closing of igoogle and now this is even worse.

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On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

@Amphora did you check under the "saved" tag?

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On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

@clairedammit I think The Old Reader has just decided to skip me - I don't even have an import number anymore :( I actually subscribed to the old reader, netvibes and feedly - so far feedly is working the best for me.

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On Now, This is a Moment, of Some Kind, or Another

Don't know if it was staged or not (or if that even matters) but I would encourage people to watch the full documentary. It was quite engaging.

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On I Live in a Clock

I used to work in that building back when it was still a bank with a bajillion dentist's offices in it. It really is a gorgeous building. The lobby (what was the bank floor) is open to the public so if you are in the neighborhood you should swing by and take a look.

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On The Preschool Teacher, the Aquasock Distributor, and the Hat Box Full of Caution

@C_Webb that paragraph definitely lowered my sense of sympathy. He was duped about who he was speaking to, but I think its clear he knew he was running drugs.

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@Commentee that is her HS prom pic? Why do they look so adult? I looked like a fetus in comparison!

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On "I couldn't stop staring."

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this seems more snide than funny.

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On The Grammys, Briefly

@smidge there is an ugh feeling, then the "Its their lives to live" feeling and then the "why are they focused on so much while plenty of other heinous stars get a pass" and then I just get tired of thinking about it at all.

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