On An Ode to the Diva Cup

I have one of these and the only thing that squicks me out is the idea of boiling it so I don't do it! Do you dedicate a pot to it? I wouldn't dare do that when I had roommates and even though now my roommate is my fiance who has to deal with gross things from me all the time I still can't bring myself to do it. I put it in a solution of about 5-10% rubbing alcohol and water and close it in a cupboard for a few days. I have heard doing this can break down the silicone but it's worked for me so far.

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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

@dotcommie I saw that dress on Modcloth this morning and I really like it but all I could hear in my head was "TEMPER THE LOOK! TEMPER THE LOOK! TEMPER THE LOOK!" (from last week's discussion of Modcloth)

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@novanovanova i never really managed the "getting over yourself" part, and I have since just felt a lot better living in cities where the insecurities bouncing around in my head all day aren't constantly reinforced, even if those cities aren't as nice to look at. But I bet it's great if you can manage to stop worrying about it, or if you're not really there long enough to start worrying about it in the first place!

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@movieormaybe Paris is really small in area compared to most major cities, and if you stay anywhere in the city proper (and not the suburbs outside the boulevard peripherique) you will probably get Pinterest-worthy photos, but if for some reason you end up in a non-Pinterest-worthy neighborhood it should be a pretty short walk to one.

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@muddgirl You really shouldn't care ever anyway, but the implication of that paragraph is that no one is paying attention to you anyway which is probably true in most of the world but not in the city where feeling superior is a competitive sport (it's a stereotype but it's so truuuue!)

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@meetapossum I did it in Seattle and had a good experience. Just pick somebody with a lot of good reviews already if you don't have a back-up plan. Also if you haven't been to London before it's HUGE area-wise so even if you're staying somewhere that looks fairly close on the tube map it could take a while to get to the center of the city (this is the mistake I made the first time I went to London.)

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

'You're the only person who is wrapped up in whether or not you deserve to be there, whether you fit in, whether you're cool enough. You're the only person taking yourself that seriously."

I reeeeeeeeally hate to bring down the positive vibes of this post but I lived in Paris for about three years and that just was not true for me. I'm a relatively fashion-conscious person, but other people were paying way more attention to my clothes than I was and i could not believe the nerve they had in telling me some of the completely unsolicited things they told me about my clothes being cheap/ill-fitting/the wrong color (or worse, about my body being all those things.) It was exclusively people who were originally from Paris (not expats or transplants from other parts of France.)

Also I used to live down the street from that square in the fourth picture from the bottom!

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On French Pigeons Don't Get Fat

Slight tangent, but when I lived in Paris my friend had a theory that you could judge the quality of a neighborhood based on how many toes the pigeons who hung out there had left. More toes = better neighborhood. It was generally pretty accurate.

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On Your Own Private [State You Live In]

My River Phoenix crush was (is?) more "Running on Empty" than "My Own Private Idaho", but I guess that would technically make it an 80's crush.

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