By Killerpants on Ask a Jeweler

@Amanda@twitter Get outta town! I'm a January person and I had no idea. To the internets I go, in search of green garnets!

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 3:48 pm 1

By cosmia on Ask a Jeweler

@Amanda@twitter I did not know this!! I <3 green stones.

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By stuffisthings on Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Just hop on the RER A2 - not a chic outfit in sight.

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 5:19 pm 3

By novanovanova on Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@Amanda@twitter As an almost-three year-resident of Paris myself, I completely agree that Parisien(ne)s can be a bunch of judgy bitches, but I think the real take away from that paragraph is this: "I think the answer, or an answer, is to just get over yourself." When I first lived here I spent SO much energy trying to fit in and be cool and "French" (whatever that meant to me at the time), but eventually I got over it, and myself, and have had a much better time ever since! That doesn't mean that I'm not still intimidated every once in a while by the modelesque french girls with their hair tousled just so and their simple-but-perfect outfits that seem to run this city, but in the long run, there are so many other, better, and more fun things to worry about!

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By Gracefully and Grandly on Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

@Amanda@twitter I use a hot pink blush now and it doesn't look clashy (or maybe it does, but it looks natural enough that I can't tell the difference). Before this one, I was definitely using a warm blush and if I had to guess the new one falls into the cool category. I'm not a warm/cool expert but I can say that I liked how both of them looked on my face. Also, it's not like I was creating two huge rouge spots on my cheeks with these bad boys - I definitely used a light hand. So basically what I'm saying is, try it out! I think it'll work!

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By Lustful Cockmonster on The Best Things to Do

DNA clafoutis. Heh.

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By Clare on Name That Bride, Part Two

All the creyz at Ekaterina and Sergei. All of them :(

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By anachronistique on Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

"Too young to hold on, but too old to just break free and run..."

Posted on May 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm 9