On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

anything where i have to sit quietly at a desk, especially for five days in a row. i can't even get my head around the idea of going back every. single. weekday. or middle management of any variety. i don't even like the idea of working during business hours...too many people in your business!

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

We were on a preferred breed list for pugs at our local shelter, because who doesn't want a dog who can't breathe, has all the allergies, and thinks she's in charge? When we went to see our pug, Annabelle Pickle (orginal shelter name: Zoey), she had just been spayed, had some dental work done, and reeked of sulfur from a bath for possible mange. I immediately fell in love with this pathetic little specimen of pug and my husband sort of took it in faith that she'd get less pathetic eventually because he loves me. Nine months later, she is clearly the greatest dog ever and we are velcroed together and I can't imagine life without her snores. Even our 16 year old chinchilla has come to terms with her :)

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On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

@Emby the first christmas i spent with my husband's family involved a violin serenade of the driedel song performed by his 9 year old cousin. just for me, the token jew, in front of thirty family members i didn't really know yet. it was so incredibly sweet and well intentioned and horribly, horribly awkward.

that said, i'm just happy to be part of his lovely family and i love that they care enough to try to recognize my traditions. i also work every christmas (i'm a nurse), so i appreciate that they don't begrudge me that habit and let me stop by for a little while between shifts without making me feel bad.

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On Strong People With Short Arms

@Cattus this! i love the trapeze for so many reasons but especially the superhero strength part.

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On Centers of Gravity: In Conversation With an Ex-Gymnast

@Weasley try aerial arts! i started trapezing it up at 27 and am now closer to the splits than ever before (including my gymnastics years, which are far, far in the past). plus, trapeze! leotards! leg warmers! i love it! although, if height is an issue, there are lots of adult gymnastics classes, too.

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On The Horse, Explained

oh, horse memories! my horse was afraid of the standard paper bags and cats, but also children riding bikes. which was unfortunate, since the stables were in a suburban development, surrounded by bike trails. good times! if i hadn't fallen in love with the trapeze, i'm sure all my disposable income would be thrown at horses.

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On Vignettes From a Hospital Overnight

@Burly-Q that's fantastic! i'll have to keep that in mind the next time i have a rattle need. i love my job and the families i get to work with. and it's just so neat to hear from grown-up CHD patients...you're the ones that inspire us!

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On Vignettes From a Hospital Overnight

thank you for sharing your story! as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse, the majority of my patients are too young to describe their experiences, so you've given me some incredible insight and i really appreciate it. and we are all control freaks, it's true :)

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