On Get This Kay Jewelers Commercial Out My Face

@j-i-a I can see it, though the very beginning kept cutting off for me, so I actually thought the man was saying "i'm so happy to be married to your mom, though i know it hasn't always been easy for you" (as opposed to, "i'm so happy to *be marrying* your mom.") as in, "Mom and Dad have been having horrible marital problems and maybe almost divorced, so thanks for sticking with us, kid - and here's a necklace!"

makes the actual commercial look better.

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On A Poem by Kofi Awoonor, the Ghanaian Poet and Diplomat Killed in This Weekend's Terrorist Attack in Nairobi

I am wordless, but I am so glad you posted something. As the stories of those who were killed come out, I am discovering connections to them through friends, and it feels like the one time social media is making us all more, not less human, in grief and disbelief.

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On Interview With a Male CEO of a Women's Magazine

Oh guys. I don't know if anyone's still on this thread, but I finally opened my New Yorker, and the illustration to that article about the dude who wants to start "a new generation of ladies' magazines" is driving me insane!

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On The Stereotype Pie

@visions&revisions Yes, I, too, found it to be an unexpectedly uncomfortable conversation.

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On The Stereotype Pie

@ColdFinger or possibly
50% telling my friends i love them when drunk
50% laughing while stuffing my face while stoned

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On The Stereotype Pie

98% telling love interest about the penis hole mind control?
(2% using the words "penis hole.")

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On A Single Tear for Public Masturbation

@MandaX Exactly. Also, I (potentially) chat with Cosmo celebrities online!

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

@honey cowl I cried too! Man. My mom is really smart and I'm sure has made choices in her life that I'm sure were difficult. But I don't know if she could ever be as candid and self-aware, at least with me.

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On Another Argument for Banning Greek Life

Oh, I'm so glad you posted the cunt punt! Because the first thing is completely unbearable, and I'd much rather laugh at the crazy lady who wrote that e-mail.

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On Today's Bleak Read

@ColdFinger Oof, guys, I feel like an ass after reading more of the series. I've got nothing but horror now, not plattitudes about how complicated adoption is...

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