On Where (My) Girls At?

Just my two cents. I watched the first episode and I was entertained. I'll probably find myself tuning in again every now and then. After watching it though, I did notice the lack of color, which bothered me, and at the same time didn't. It bothered me because I was thinking, "Here we go again." Another show with some young white people, who don't know crap about life, and this life includes zero minorities. And then I laughed because I have had white people ask me, "How come you guys have BET, but we don't have a White Entertainment Television?" This is why genius.

At the same time I wasn't all that mad. Just because New York is a pretty mixed city, that doesn't mean that every white person in the city has a black, hispanic or asian friend. In fact, the lack of color in that group of friends can lead to some really good comedy, and funny situations, coming from their life inexperience, if they choose to add some, and if the show gets renewed.

Posted on April 23, 2012 at 1:14 pm 0