On Where (My) Girls At?

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On Where (My) Girls At?

And seriously, not facetiously, now: I love everybody! Y'all wanna get naked in a room? Kisses all. And split your infinitives if you want to. ; ) http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/split-infinitives

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On Where (My) Girls At?

@TullyMMills No Tully, it isn't. It is racial/ethnic scolding, literally using race to shame someone into "doing something", or making them feel ashamed for the "privilege" of the cosmic crap-shoot that is skin color, but that really wasn't my point: looking for yourself in culture is folly is my point. And it's nice that you use hackneyed, fatigued, terms like "cultural relativism", and know my discomfort and leave me the options of being "intentionally or unintentionally racist", as if those are my only two options, as someone who does not agree with you, and have spurious axioms such as "When you have to go so far out with hyperbole, chances are the position you’re defending is wrong";(hyperbole is a fine rhetorical device: widen your reach, although I was being "provocative" tee hee ;) that just shows you plug in your "multicultural" template epithets, rather than think about anything in a complex way. I am a product of centuries of miscegenation via the raping, by "occupiers", of my people and homeland, but read Caucasian, speak Spanish fluently, have been called anti-Latino , homophobic epithets too for that matter, plenty, and always pity the caller, except when they're coming at me, then I yell for help. I'm not gay, but love musicals, have male genitalia but love "The Women" (vintage edition, not remake), I am an adult "boy", but 'Girls' spoke to me...what does that say? That I'm a "girl" on the inside? Well then, so be it. I see myself, and where I come from, daily, all the time, so I want to know about not-myself...dig? All that being said, are people of color underrepresented in our cultural artifacts? YOUBETTERMOTHERFUCKINGBELIEVEIT! Are cultural, ethnic, racist stereotypes rampant in our cultural artifacts? YOUBETTERMOTHERFUCKINGBELIEVEIT! But the premise of the original article—I didn't see myself in it—is pathetic; I was just hoping for something a little more complex, and this shit was tired...Let's build bridges man, not walls, ok? And I think of this as a spirited debate, not an attack. Seriously: peace love and understanding, always to all. Kisses, yo!

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On Where (My) Girls At?

I don't know TullyMMills, did you not pick up on a few things in the article? Some excerpts follow, CAPS mine, and just substitute BLACK for white, and see how it feels. It's stupid "tribalism" of the worst kind: If I am not represented, then it has failed. Not a valid aesthetic judgement; reason for whiny gripes, yes.

"I paused at the base of the poster and looked up — it covered the entire side of the building. My eyes traveled up their phosphorescent legs to their faces and back down again. My heart dropped and I swallowed once, hard. Girls. WHITE girls.
I pulled out my phone and texted my friend Willa.

"So Girls is like indie SATC," I wrote. "Yeah" she replied. "And everyone on the show is WHITE," I responded. "Yea,” she typed back. “Lots of WHITE."

AND it's also dishonest: "My chief beef is not simply that the girls in Girls are WHITE." Yes, it is your "chief beef"; just admit it.

ALSO, THIS WHOPPER: " Plus, back then it was pre-internet, so we didn't really know what the world did and didn't look like beyond our window." ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? No You are not serious, and therefore do not matter; that anyone could come up with this "pre-internet" concept in their mind, never mind write for the world to see and not dies of embarrassment, is absurd.

This kind of starting point for judging cultural artifacts would lead to:

•I do not see myself in Picasso paintings, or Matisse, or Van Gogh paintings, because I am not a bunch of sloppy faces with the eyes in the wrong place, or a nude woman, or a red-headed guy with an ear missing, or a starry night for that matter, respectively, and therefore cannot appreciate them.

•I am not French, so I cannot appreciate French films, or any foreign films for that matter.

•I am not a Moor, or a Scottish mass murderer, or a Danish Prince, so I cannot appreciate Shakespeare.

This kind of article is so stupidly divisive I can't even begin to see straight.

So in short whitey with a vagina is letting our girl Jenna Wortham down. : (

Do you see now?

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On Where (My) Girls At?

Honestly, you want to see yourself on screen? Really? That's what you want from art, or culture, or even TV? Then stop whining about it and get talent and write it and get it sold. Easier said than done, eh? Here's the easy way to see yourself: stay home, write shit like the above and look in a mirror; there you are you whiny talentless ass! And really if all of us just watched our own ethnic, race, gender reflections, the world would be a very dull place, kinda like the crushingly banal article you wrote. Open up your horizons, you stinky bore! Also: this bullshit is racist.

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