On Wendy Davis's Texas

Mandy in Houston here...just chiming in to say DAMN STRAIGHT! We should not be made to feel bad about our gender, or appearance or where we live.

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On A Tribute to Top of the Lake's Robin Griffin, Made of China and Steel

I watched this early in the year when it was on Sundance and I can honestly say it affected me. Robin still resonates with me. Visually it was stunning and full of symbolism (female/male deer heads, she stabbed men (penetrated) not punched them, living in containers). What I loved most though, was seeing a woman deal with all the shit above in a realistic manner. She got tough and fought when she needed to, she broke down when she needed to, regardless of how it looked to other people. And sometimes, she just needed to have hot sex in the woods because, well, don't we all?

Also, kudos to Moss who could display any emotion with one flick of her eyes.

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On How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

@Bunburying THIS^^^ This is how I have always felt about it. I never knew why people would talk such trash about it when I was so certian that we all had/would have it.

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On Women and Their Abject Visual Art

So. Torn. Fiona has the most clever verbal bitch slaps delivered the way only Jessica Lange can. Check in the feminist box. But the desires of all of these women are the desires society (men) tell us we should have. Check in the misogynist box.

So maybe it's just a wash and I will continue to watch it but only after half a bottle of wine?

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On What to Bring to the Baby Shower of Your Sworn Enemy

I once made a uterus cake from someone's hysterectomy. It said "happy trails". I made 30 bucks.

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On Let's Play a Little Game Called "Bad Tab, Good Tab"

Motherfcker! I got so mad when I read that that I had to look up photos of puppies to bring myself down. Drinking causes rape? How about assholes who should be publicly shamed? Don't they play a part in it?

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On Study Says You Are a Lush

What about those of us with a plastic tube connected directly to the box...Do we tend to overdo it?

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On "Two Things Guys Don't Like Hearing About"

Thank God for this! I always knew it, I think, but it was nice to get confirmation that it wasnt all in my head.

Also, I never understand people getting squimish about poop. I'm not saying play kickball with it, but we all do it and if you aren't doing it enough you can get really sick. POOP FOR EVERYONE!!

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On Why There's Still No Birth Control Pill for Men

My husband had a vasectomy a few years back. Through a quirk in paperwork we only paid the $40 co-pay. Best descision ever.

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On Navigating the Bleacher Creatures

I have a confession. I am from Houston and I still love the Astros. I know, I know. They have been sucking since we lost our Bees and we have been downgraded but they are still my boys and LOVE Minute Maid Park. I have never delt with this sort of treatment there. Maybe it's because the Astros have always come across as family entertainment and there are a lot of kids there or maybe because the population is pretty equal in gender there or maybe it's because I drink beer, eat peanuts and look like I'm not afraid of a fist fight to defend my own honor? who knows.

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