On Teeth Dreams

I have these all the time. The last couple of times I have kinda Inception-ed myself because in the dream I'll think "This is just like/worse than all the dreams" or I'll realize it's a dream, then "wake up" into another dream where I also have teeth falling out.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Other protip: Literally don't listen to anyone talk about Jameis Winston because it is 50% "this doesn't mean he did anything" and the rest is a combo of "women cry rape" and "maybe she was encouraged to drop it not as a threat, but because it will be very difficult for her and people don't want her to have to go through that."

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On Friday Open Thread

Pinners, what do you want for your respective winter holidays? My mom keeps asking me and so far my ideas Cards Against Humanity and a new set of cheap earbuds to break by next Christmas.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Me too! I want Buffy friends!

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On Friday Open Thread

@stroopwafel Oh man. I'm originally from the South, so half of my Facebook was "feeling blessed"s or "unspoken prayer request"s until I gave up on politeness and just unfriended most people.

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On Friday Open Thread

Pinners, please regale me with stories about your successful long distance relationships. My boyfriend is moving away tomorrow and I won't see him for about 4 months. Save me from my jerk-brain that says it can't work.

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On Friday Open Thread

What's the deal with tipping on haircuts? In general as I've mostly been getting my hair cut at a school-salon where tipping is not allowed. But also, I'm getting my haircut today and it's a special deal, essentially they were selling a Groupon, but when I called and said I hadn't bought it yet, she said "Don't buy it, we'll give you the same deal if you just pay here." So, do I tip on that price or the 'regular' price or just some flat amount?

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On Friday Open Thread

@crane your neck Can I weigh in from the student side? I was in a relationship through all of law school and was not happy in that relationship for most of law school, but definitely know some people who made it work great. A couple of things I think would make it go well:
Be at least slightly interested in what they are doing. Even if you don't care at all about math or public policy or whatever they are in school for, listen when they want to tell you about some research they're doing or a project they're working on. I know this seems like elemntary level relationship stuff, but it sucks to be excited about something and have people, especially a significant other obviously not care about what you're talking about.

Remember that school is a huge amount of work, even if actual class time isn't that significant. Looking back, I should have known things weren't going well when during a conversation about getting winter tires put on the car, my ex said I should do it because I "didn't have class the next day and wasn't busy" in the middle of finals. It's easy to forget that school can take up just as much time as a "real job" and a lot of students have jobs, internships, organzaitions, and other commitments too. That doesn't mean that the other person should make all the sacrifices, but don't belittle the amount of work that's being done.

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On Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit 1) What a terrible doctor experence and I think you should 100% tell her that you want to get a second opinion since she gave you two very different (and stressful) diagnoses. 2) the term "toad cooch" almost made soda come out of my nose, so bless you for that.

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On Friday Open Thread

At what point is it appropriate to ask for a Groupon refund? Is that even a thing?

I bough a Groupon for a haircut, and I think they obviously underestimated the popularity of the deal, as I've called about 10 times and never gotten an answer. For over a week, the voicemail has been full and I really want a haircut.

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