On A Man in Ferguson Defends the Looting

Its been declared a no-fly zone because the looters were shooting at helicopters. They destroyed one news van, so news crews are staying away for their own safety. The teargas was released on the second night of looting because there were injuries to innocent bystanders the first night, by the looters. Hundreds of people are claiming to be there, hundreds are lying. They all have a story, and eventually we'll find out what the actual story is. No-one knows right now, so maybe stay in your safe little spot and quit making assumptions.

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On The Best Time I Lubricated My Chicken's Vagina-Butt

My first thought when reading this was she'd just gone broody. I was relating a story from the internet about chickens, to my dad who raised chickens in the depression. He told me when chickens go broody you put them under a bucket every day until they snap out of it.

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On Here Is a Video of a Woman Eating a 72-Ounce Steak in Under Three Minutes

I know these places always require you eat all the trimmings too in order to get it for free. But I never know where the hell they put all that food. I just don't think my stomach would expand enough

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On A Real Argument for Doing That Thing Where You Rub the Chopsticks for No Real Reason

Except tapping the top of a soda can does have a purpose. It keeps the soda from spraying all over if its been shaken a bit.

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On Welcome, xoVain

Huh, our smut filter at work won't let me access xoVain. This always makes me want to visit a website even more.

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On Or, "A Reason to Finally Buy That Miele"

So, since you can't find out what flame retardant was used on your furniture this is just one more thing to worry about that we can't control, yes?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Jumping the Gun on Halloween

I've seen a lot of floral printed denim this fall that I swear is exactly the same as the denim I wore in the 80s. I love the neon trend; but the printed denim brings back bad memories of Jordache jeans, bilevel cuts and wearing two pairs of socks scrunched above my tretorns. I will now hobble away on my walker....

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On Beauty Q&A: ID Photos, Gaudy Shoes, and Looking 10 Years Younger

LW 1: I also am a pale redhead and I'm in my early 40s and honestly get mistaken for being in my early 30s... often. Wear. Less. Makeup. If you really hate your skin, try some BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer. Then play up your eyes with fun color, or your lips but quit wearing full foundation and powder every day. Also if you smoke and don't drown yourself in drinking water every day; try changing that.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Fragrant Shoe Season Arrives Early

Amy Henke@facebook
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If you have sneakers, why don't you just wash them? Unless they're all suede mine always wash fine. The foot odor is bacteria or fungus sourced. I learned from my dad to never wear the same shoe two days in a row (He's old-school military) and from my mom to only wear leather shoes. Exfoliating my feet daily in the shower probably helps too. That's always worked except for a weird pair of Born flats with a microfiber insole. I decided to give them away, because, ew.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Fragrant Shoe Season Arrives Early

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