On "He is an old patient and we had to be careful. We found 12 gold bars lying in a stack in his stomach."

I know it says the bars he swallowed only totaled 14oz, but in my head I keep seeing those standard size ones that are around 27pounds each.

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On Ladies' Night

This is fantastic. And that lava game, my sisters and I used to play that all the time (only sometimes, to shake things up, the floor was ketchup in some spots and mustard in others; and touching one was bad the other was ok. I can't really remember which was bad--although I suspect it was mustard).

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On "The number of male [restaurant] critics is more than double that of female critics."

Dara Grumdahl's story about maternity leave and the price of her child care. Ouch.

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On "Wrap Yourself in Wet, Fermented Hay," or: Spa Day!

@Lucienne It seems like it would be scratchy. And itchy. And smelly.

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On Peep Art

The dioramas are cool, but peeps come from the very bowels of hell.

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On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

On Katherine Knight, this sentence "She was disarmed when police attacked her with brooms"....I now have this amazing image of Queensland police carrying brooms as part of their arsenal with which to disarm criminals.

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On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

I had a brother with anencephaly, only his brain stem developed. They only discovered something was wrong in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, and my mom was lucky in that her doctor was the only one in the entire state who had dealt with an anencephaly baby before. This was in the late 60s, and when he was born, the doctors wouldn't let my mom see him (thinking it would upset her too much); my dad did see him but never talked about it. The baby only lived for 6 hours.

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On Punktown, USA

It's interesting that there's a section of Ken/Tenn/Ala/Miss that is a hot spot for so many different kinds of music. I assume that's the result of Nashville?

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On The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

Confirming once again that Wal-mart is awful.

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On "What is the probability, given that Ross painted a happy tree, that he then painted a friend for that tree?" (93%)

“The majority of people who watch Bob Ross have no interest in painting,” she said. “Mostly it’s his calming voice.”
Sounds about right. Except for the accompanying awe (from someone who can't draw a straight line) of anyone being able to paint something that quickly and also make it look good.

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