By Lu2 on Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

Your mom sounds super-cool and capable. I love the way she handled the situation with the other kids touching your brother's hair at school. There's so much embedded in that action, in the context of a school where he was the only non-white student, and in your mother's life as a(n apparently introverted) person of color from Haiti--and yet she didn't make more of it than the kids could handle or be responsible for. She just got it done, you know? I admire her.

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By Lurkasaurus on Friday Open Thread

@Passion Fruit my mother's boyfriend of 15+ years, essentially my stepfather, is polar opposite in political views from my sister and me. He listens to conservative talk radio on the regular -.- BUT. When my sister helped organize our hometown's Slutwalk, he attended and marched the whole way. I am so proud of him for that. His example really helps me have hope that people just might be able to change and all is not lost in this giant, wearying, enraging fight against racism/sexism/heterosexism/cultural and structural oppression of all kinds.

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By RK Fire on Friday Open Thread

@Passion Fruit My husband is a 6'4", 250 lb black man who everyone assumes was a football star in high school and was raised by socially conservative ministers that are kind of evangelical. Basically, people may see him and make certain assumptions about his opinions on different political topics (and some of them are right, I mean, he did vote for Obama, as an example).

However, in college he came to question and then strongly reverse his opinion on homosexuality, and when Maryland was considering Question 6, worked on the campaign to support gay marriage. He also upbraids fellow dudes on supporting and being complicit with rape culture. He also gets into arguments with dudes on reddit re. sexism and racism, so he's fighting the good fight? He also studied environmental science, so he's really into tree identification and forestry as a whole.

There's still progress to be made (and definitely for me too!) but he's pretty swell. We've been trying to nudge my in-laws along re. gay rights, for instance. It's a long one but hopefully we get them thinking..

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By cosmia on Friday Open Thread

Guys I hate to be that Debbie Downer but I am weirdly not into the content on the 'Pin lately :( I still love it, but I mean, I already go to a lot of websites that are like "this interesting article was published over here and you should read it because it's important" and all the really serious reflexive pieces are good, and interesting, but...I dunno, not as fun. Sometimes it's fun to read more fun lady stuff instead of Feminist Lady Stuff.

I dunno, I think I just miss all the absurdist "Ask A Spider/Make Doll Head Wine Glasses/Make Gross Peach Cobbler With Qream" posts.

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By lora.bee on When Will "PILE OF POO" Take Its Rightful Spot at No. 1?

@theharpoon This sounds like an indie double header:

Cat Face
with Tears of Joy

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By wee_ramekin on Lesbian Vocabulary, U-Hauls, and the Family That Comes Out Together

@keristars For more anecdata, I am one of four sisters, and two of us (so far) are queer. My grandmother on my mother's side is a lesbian who has been with her partner for 30+ years.

I came to a realization about my queer sexuality comparatively later (at 26). When I spoke to my female friends/family/acquaintances about it, I was amazed that almost all of them ended up telling me about same-sex experiences or desires that they had; desires and experiences that they hadn't ever shared previously. I don't think that Everyone Is A Little Gay - because what do I know about anyone else's orientation? - but I DEFINITELY think that More People Than We Think Are At Least A Little Gay (MPTWTAALALG?).

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By [sic] on Relation Ships

@Patrick M I call Relation Chips.

"Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips": this one sounds like a keeper.

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By thisjenn on Interview with a Person Whose Mom Came Out of the Closet

@concrete dreams Yes! I am amazed that there aren't more of us commenting here. My dad came out when I was 7 (old enough to be aware!), and while it was hard on my mom, she also kept a carefully measured response (at least publicly) and was careful never to say anything bad about him in front of me. (They're actually now very good friends and purposely bought houses around the corner from each other a few years ago, so I guess it all works out.)

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By Mila on The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

I was in high school in this era, and this feels completely off. Like, the running man? We did that in 1989-90 (when I was in junior high. This is what I associate with junior high dances forever. I like to imagine this is what kids are still doing at junior high dances, because it absolutely fits the mood of those awkward events). The overall on hip hop dudes thing, wasn't that a little earlier too? 91-92? "Fucktard"? No. Did not say. Even like cadence of their "teen speak" doesn't seem era appropriate. Also, this was like the height of the AIDS epidemic, I wonder if they will address that at all. Some elements of this movie seem more late 80s, others more late 90s, but nothing really seems 1993 (that was like, the start of the grunge thing and all).

Also, as to the actual plot of this movie, I don't care how awkward and weird you are, it is pretty easy to get dudes to hook up with you, especially if you look like Aubrey Plaza. They might not call you the next day, but they won't say no to your overtures.

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By Apocalypstick on Industry Rule No. 4,080: You Don't Want to Date Don Draper

@baked bean Yeah, I thought the point was "the clothes are pretty, there's smoke everywhere, and all these people are awful and have awful lives".

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