On Lorde, "Royals (The Weeknd Remix)"

and I thought I was done with this song!!

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On And I Will Call Her Candy Crush

@Scandyhoovian Ugh, chocolate is the worst. Luckily, I already didn't like it. I finally beat 65 and then had a string of successes... and then got stuck on 79, where I've been hanging out for like three weeks.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adriana Ahhhhhh I need one of these in Astoria.

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On Friday Open Thread

guys I just started freelancing this week and actually having to WORK eight hours in a day is REALLY HARD. I like what I'm doing but man am I stressed out.

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On Friday Open Thread

Today is my last day at my job.

I am scared because: I am losing my insurance, can't register for Freelancer's Union insurance for eight weeks (!!! unless I am missing something) and have JUST BARELY two months worth of Zoloft stored up before I have to get a whole new prescription. And then I'll have to go into a doctor ASAP to get a refill. Which means I'll have to find a doctor who will be willing to refill my prescription immediately because I am never going back to my old doctor because she and her reception staff are assholes.

So I'm terrified.

Luckily I'm covered under COBRA retroactively, so if anything terrible happens in those two "uninsured" months I can pay $700 and be covered. But still. I'm panicking.

(Seriously though, am I missing something? Freelancer's Union requires you to prove that you've worked at least 20 hrs/week for two months, but what if you switch from full-time to freelance!? What do I do!?!??)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Cat named Virtute I am... awesome? I dont know. I just picked it!

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On Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please

umm... question. how do you guys keep track of GIFs. do you save them on your computers? do you tag them somehow? do you just remember "oh that GIF of Benedict Cumberbatch taking off his shirt" and google it and then post it? my brain can never remember what GIFs are out there and yes I'm overthinking this but I want to join GIF (HARD G) parties

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

@Mingus_Thurber I remember that storm. I hid in the closet. But I wasn't quite old enough at that point to really comprehend how scary it was — but I remember clearly the Haysville tornado in '99.

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

I feel a little guilty. I'm bringing my boyfriend home to KS this week to meet the fam at large — he's never been to tornado alley and the last few weeks I've been joking, "Ooh, it's tornado season, maybe there will be a tornado warning, we'll have to hide in the basement oOoOooOoo won't that be scary?"

And now I just feel terrible.

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On Friday Open Thread

Can someone teach me how to gym? I've been going to some fitness classes at my gym lately, which are great, but I'm switching to a work-from-home schedule and I know I'll be MUCH MORE likely to go to the gym during the day...when there are no classes. These classes are a mix of cardio and free weights and I really really love them but when I think about how to do that on my own... I blank. Is there somewhere with very specific workouts I can do?

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