On Cosmo's "Hottest Texts to Send a Guy," Edited

@Emmanuelle Cunt oh my god I thought the Dude parts of that conversation were made up but it's actually what someone said! Which makes this A+++++.

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On Friday Open Thread

I only have a little over a month before I embark on my three-months travel adventure in South America and I'm driving myself nuts with trying to figure out what to pack! I am pretty good at packing light, but I've never fit everything into a backpack for this long of a trip. Plus, the weather in all the different cities I'm going to are all over the places--highs in the 90s to lows in the 40s, and sometimes rainy and sometimes not. It feels like I have so much to do but I mostly just want to be there already and figure it out from there.

Travel technology questions: I am definitely bringing my iPhone and Kindle with me, but I'm debating whether I should bring my laptop or iPad? I would maybe like to do some blogging or writing while I am there. I am less inclined to bring my laptop than my iPad, but maybe I should bring neither and live really minimally?

Also, does anyone have tips for places to visit in Colombia/Bolivia/Peru/Argentina? I'm not excited about beaches. I would like to ride some horses. I like ruins and cemeteries and churches and native culture and spotting llamas and other weird animals. I am trying to improve my Spanish--I have a decent grasp of the basics and expect I will be quick in picking it back up.


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On An Interview With a Former Beauty PR Manager

I just want to note that the Jack Black lip balm is actually the best! And I've used tons of alternatives...Rosebud Salve, various kinds of Chapstick, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment...this is the only thing I can put on at night (it's too thick to wear during the day) and actually end up with not-dry lips the next day. Truly magical.

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On Friday Open Thread

@hoo:ha I'm so sorry, although I don't think any amount of anyone saying "I'm so sorry" will make it better. I have a constant irrational fear of that happening and I can't imagine having to deal with the practical logistics after a loss like that...I hope things go as well for you as they can, right now, and that you can find a little relief somewhere soon. *internet hug*

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On Friday Open Thread

Also: my mom just asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and when we don't exchange presents she usually just gives me money. But I consolidated my bank accounts recently and realized that I have more in savings than I thought I did, and I honestly can't think of any material thing I really want this year. It's kind of a nice feeling!

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On Friday Open Thread

I am a puddle of anxiety, today and many other days this week around this time every day.

And I'm struggling over boy problems, which boils down to meeting a boy I quite like but discovering that he's very monogamous minded and I'm very, more likely, poly-minded. And that I'm no longer so interested in a purely sexual open relationship, because I've done that tons of times and every time I end up a crying wreck.

So I'm trying to have a conversation with him soon. I have planned it out so many times in my head. And it sounds so reasonable and calm and confident. But when it comes to actually having the conversation I'm terrified. I like him, and I'd hate to lose him. But if it means compromising so many other aspects of my identity that I value...I can't do that. I'm hoping that maybe we will see a glimmer of hope if we have a better conversation. Maybe. But there's a part of me that also just wants to give up now, like I'd already kind of tried to do before.

I'm trying not to fall into an all-or-nothing mindset, though. I don't know how well it will work.

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On Friday Open Thread < ):^/

I am anxious about this weekend. I'm anxious about this impending storm, and my lack of Halloween plans, and I fear that I'm just going to be a lonely, sexually frustrated mess.

I want this time last year back. I don't know how to get my fabulous sexy life back.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

What about when you have a friend who has a girlfriend, but who you're pretty sure is somewhat in love with you, but you would prefer it if he wasn't in love with you because you will never be in love with him, and because you're not sure it makes everything vaguely awkward because it could be all in your head but also you're pretty perceptive about these kinds of things and as a result you're always vaguely awkward when you hang out together and respond to him less often than you might perhaps otherwise?

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On Train Help

@Amphora I disagree! Sleeper car makes it twice as expensive, and I made it through 3 days on Coach without a problem. Mostly because the first long leg of my train wasn't so crowded, so you could spread across two seats and lie down anyway. In the off season, this should be pretty easy to accomplish.

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On Train Help

I went on a cross country train trip--from Oakland to New York, with a few days in Chicago on the California Zephyr and the Lakeshore Limited and it was a wonderful, amazing trip. Stunning scenery, fascinating people like you can't even imagine. I probably need to write a whole essay about it. The best.

This is an indispensable resource:

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