On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Leanne, you sound hot as hell, gimme your eyebrows >:o

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On RIP, Reeva Steenkamp

Ahhh. I've heard a couple of people complaining about or complimenting it as if The Sun came up with it yesterday.

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On RIP, Reeva Steenkamp

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll, haha awww, thanks.

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

@Didldidi, look, all I'm saying is: pull up his cosmo pic and place your thumb directly over the moustache-containing portion of his face. Also maybe use the other thumb on the bear rug, it's kind of distracting

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On Candace Bushnell and 'The Carrie Diaries'

You know it's An Edith Original when there's a reference to dolls in tiny houses within the first two paragraphs

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On Hair Day

@squishycat, oh, I guess I mean to say that I personally had awful experiences, but it's been a few years since I swore off of them so I can't name the exact products anymore, although the detangler was not one I tried.

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On Hair Day

Yo don't write this off as a nightmarish outlier either, Garnier Fructis products in general are complete bullshit. I'm not too much of a snob for drugstore merch when it actually works, but every gel or spray or whatever of theirs that I've ever tried was a disaster. Avoid.

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On The Eyebrow Wars

@thebestjasmine, okay, I did a quick google search on this and the results are questionable because I don't know how many of these are nonsense spam websites or SEO blogs that publish anything to get hits or unreliable plastic surgeons, but apparently light brown and hazel eyes are the ones most at risk for a change in color (still only with the drug applied directly to the iris, though) so consider that if your (/your mom's) eye color means a lot to you. I really, really love the stuff, though, and I'd probably take the chance anyway because I'm pretty sure next to none of it gets in my eyes when I apply. Edit also for maximum sketchitude you can get generic bimatoprost from alldaychemist (which a ton of online ~beauty websites~ like makeupalley confirm is legit and which is where I get it) for much cheaper, but I've been told I'm a moron for not getting a mega expensive prescription in the US instead. Maybe read up on it before deciding?

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On The Eyebrow Wars

@thebestjasmine, no, but I guess there's still plenty of time for that since I don't plan on stopping. I will note that it is a listed side effect because it's observed in the patients who use it as a glaucoma treatment and they administer it as eye drops which directly make contact with the iris, but I imagine that use on the lash line over long periods of time + watery eyes could cause a very gradual darkening (I don't let this stop me because I hate light blue eyes and would welcome anything else, haha)

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