On Excerpt from Dumb #6

Aaah I love this! It's... not where I thought this was gonna go, before clicking to read more. Beautiful! Signé, une ex-Montréalaise

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On The Psychic Maladies of the Zoo Animal

Aw man, I LOVE zoos too, but it is getting harder to defend... I might have to reconsider and it bums me out.

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On Friday Playlist

A+ playlist & excellent accompanying pic!

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On Costumes

This is fantastic and the art is lovely!

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On A Monday Playlist

I'm back in the office from vacation and this playlist is making my day a whole lot more bearable. Thank you!

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On Ask Baba Yaga: When My Drive to Succeed Is Waning, How Do I Get Back on the Horse?

This is so great. Baba is the best.

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On Happy Yogurt Ghost Holidays

Awww yay! I love these! Such mastery of the yogurt medium.
Happy yogurt ghost holidays to you!

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

@mirror_father_mirror The episodes are on tou.tv (so it's legal even!) but in French, no subtitles, if that might interest you.

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On Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

This is fantastic. Please comment on old magazines forever!

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On A Reasonable Review of One Direction's New Album, Which Is the Best Album Ever

I know nothing about One Direction but I am definitely a fan of this review (and also of the ski outfits).

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