On November Horoscopes From Galactic Rabbit

Hallelujah for Chiron going direct! It's been backing its ass up all over my t-squares and it's been so horrible!

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On "Has Your Husband Read It?"

I loved it too!

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On A Beekeeper's Funeral When the Mourners Included the Bees

If nobody has read The Bees by Laline Paull yet, you should go read The Bees by Laline Paull.

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On The Dad Vibes Pie

Steely Dan is amazing.

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On 15 Books by Women to Read Now (or Very Soon): A Reading List

Archetype by MD Waters is a lot of fun.

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On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@Alli525 I think of my body hair situation as the Mackinac bridge. It takes seven years to paint the whole thing and once they reach the end they start right back over at the beginning again. Arm hair fell off the priority list as soon as the third tier of my facial hair arrived on the scene. Though I vividly remember my Nana commenting "look at your pretty arms, so smooth, so hairless" arms after the one time I shaved them in my life, on a whim, because what sweet rebellion it was to remove hair that didn't HAVE to be removed. I told her I shaved them and she looked looked embarrassed.

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple

Fiona, what a brilliant example of a Virgo: critical and Earthy.

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On Cookie Monster Covers Icona Pop's "I Love It"

"Me can self-regulate" is my new mantra.

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On Women and Video Games: Robin Hunicke

But really, does anybody here play WoW? I'm on Argent Dawn Horde an Earthen Ring Ally. COME KILL MURLOCS WITH ME.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Naked Sisters and the Coin Purse

Haha well my first thought too was about checking your astrology chart. Mercury is retrograde right now, one of the side-effects is sometimes losing things, being clumsy (with your hands especially, mercury rules the hands!) or things being delayed, gummed up, etc. It goes direct on the 7th, see if some of your stuff doesn't turn up around then!

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