On 12 Books to Creep Yourself Out With

@j-i-a Haunted is actually the first Palahniuk book I've read. I know he wrote Fight Club, but haven't ventured into his other writing. Although, I'm definitely going to look into Lullaby. I'd definitely recommend Haunted. The overarching story isn't the strongest, but damn, the short stories are creepy. Also adding to the not being able to fall asleep factors is that the book cover art is a scary face that glows in the dark and stares at you all night long.

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On 12 Books to Creep Yourself Out With

I feel the need to add "Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk. Made up of 23 creepy as fuck stories told by participants in a horror writing clinic interspersed by the eerie account of their three month stint in an abandoned theater.

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On Drunk Pics, Hot Sisters, and Long-Distance Dumping

One of the worst break up stories I've heard was a friend who was dating a girl across country. He flew out to visit her and spend Christmas at her family's. She picked him up, broke up with him in the car, then dropped him back off at the airport. Her reasoning--she thought it was better to break up in person. Poor guy was out the flight fare, wasted his time traveling out there, then had to figure out his way home while sitting around at the airport heartbroken.

Don't be that girl.

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On Obsessed, Nervous, or Just Hungry?

Hatred of nail clippers and long nails!

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On It "Smells Like Angels Playing"

The hair comes off and the spritzer is on top of her head

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Overstock has the phone attachment for $13.

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On Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

re: LW 4
3, 6, 7, 11, 16, 17, and 18 all sound like things that would be even better to do with a cigarette...or maybe that's just my withdrawal speaking.

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On Scrappy Advice Tuesday

My boyfriend and I lived together for a bit before separating again. We were together for about six months when his landlord decided to sell his apartment. Around the same time, my roommate announced she was moving out. We discussed moving in together at length and decided it was maybe too early in our relationship to do so.

The sale of the boyfriend's apartment went way faster than expected, resulting in him needing to move out before he had a new place lined up. He moved in with me for about a month while we figured out what our next living situations/roommates would be.

No one believed that he was actually going to move out. (I even found out recently my friends had a pool going.) He eventually did--and it was sort of weird at first. We still spend every night together. I want him to be in my life forever. I expect at some point we will live together. We see each other just as much and probably love each other even more. For now, we're happy with our own space; living with our own roommates; sharing a bed but not a closet. Plus, it's fun to change up whose place you stay at. Both of our neighborhoods are super neat and very different. It's fun to be able to explore both of them.

So, to the letter writer I say, follow your heart. Living together is not what makes your relationship strong. Moving out may test it's strength, probably more if you've lived together for a good while. If you love each other and make an effort to continue to spend time together and treat each other nicely, what's it matter if you keep your stuff in different places?

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@applestoapples My best friend recently told me that I sometimes hum when I eat. Since, I've noticed that I hum other places too, while reading in public, for instance.

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On How's It Going?

more frequent advice columns and "the best time I..." columns

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