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On Friday Open Thread

I'm currently preparing to take a pan of hot brownies over to my curmudgeon of a best friend and try and jolt him out of his curmudgeonly ways for a hour. Really looking forward to gorging myself on chocolate and watching netflix. (And probably popping across the street for a drink later too)

Also: Shout out to Cerave lotion in the tub, for keeping my body moist in these difficult times.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I've been thinking about going tanning somewhere for 5 min. Not quite the same as feeling the sun on you, but I think it would like eating really good chocolate with my whole body.
(I've been to a tanning salon twice in my life previously.)

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On The Fur Pie

@Brunhilde Yeah, mine is about 70% laziness 20% my trimmer ran out of batteries, 10% I'm a lady and we have hair; DEAL WITH IT

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But but... some of those ARE hot dogs right?

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On Valerie June, Baby Toes

I just heard about her last Friday on NPR! Love her voice.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MissJudgeMental this sounds awesome, I hope it leads to date #2. I want to know a man owns his own garden.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TARDIStime Thank you everyone! I'm gong to explore all of these options. i'm a bit drunk right now, but tomorrow I have an interview and tonight I drunkenly cried in front of bf mom and she was understanding, I am going to help teach the bf step-sibinlings (who are in town from Israel and speak no english and I speak no Israeli or russian), but my boyfriends mom can translate and I can help her and with the annoying children and also get a reprieve from him. And Vise Versa.

(Even though spending time with his mom will make him more angry. (She is quite manipulative.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant Yes! There is an amazing botanical garden, I'll have to see if they have free times (the tickets are a bit pricey).

I need to find something to do on weekday evenings. Something out of the house.
I can surf the web or read at the coffee shop if need be :)

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On Friday Open Thread

Yeah, I plan on moving/joining a yoga class asap, it just requires money. So that's been my first priority, and it's going well! It just takes time. In the mean time, i've been trying to make myself scarce so the boyfriend can decompress.

Thanks for letting me unload, and making me felt heard.

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On Friday Open Thread

I've had a very mixed week.
I failed a class that has pushed back my graduation by a year (should have graduated by Spring 2014). My co-op fell through, and my boyfriend doesn't want to move in with me anymore (we're mostly fine just both very stressed, and moving in would probably make things worse. It's too soon really).

I've been feeling really down on myself for failing and messing everything up, and really lonely because I went from spending all my time with friends to moving to a new city (moving plans were already in place before I knew my co-op wasn't happening) where I don't know anyone except my boyfriend and he's feeling smothered, because despite the fact that we've decided not to live together, we're currently living together looking for separate places. AND UGH.

He's my best friend but I can't really even talk to him about it because I keep fucking CRYING (So. Annoying.) so he feels guilty and gives in to me. And I don't want to him to! I just want to tell him that I'm feeling lonely, but I totally understand he needs his alone time and he has been getting zero of it lately.

I tried to explain the difference between passive time together and active quality time, which made him feel guilty and angry and he cancelled his plans which made me feel angry and guilty for making him feel like he needed to do that. I don't want to be manipulative and pushy and controlling and I can't tell if I really am doing that or if he's just reacting to me as if I am.

On possibly related issue: He doesn't want to have sex lately, and I drunkenly reacted badly last night after being rejected again. (Well, no sex except for occasionally asking me to blow him. Which, I get it, you're stressed, don't feel so well, you just want to relax. But, no.)

On the good side: I had a job interview yesterday and got offered some contract work with the promise that it will lead to more if I do well, and I have an interview for a part time retail job Monday to hold me over in the mean time. Plus I do really love my boyfriend, and he loves me. We're just stressed.

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