On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

So about Trader Joe's hummus-I would have agreed with you until recently, when I tried their "Mediterranean Creamy and Smooth" version. It is amazing! Very smooth and flavorful. It comes in a large tub with herbs and oil on top. So glad I tried it since I had given up on all of their other varieties.

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On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

REI has some great boots actually, not just hiking boots but actual cute, wear with a skirt and tights boots. And they are super comfy to walk in, warm, waterproof, the whole shebang. I got a great pair of Teva boots there last year. To the person who was asking about wide calf boots-I saw tons of them at DSW when I was boot shopping last year.

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On "Take a Step That Is New..."

Yay, congratulations!

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On The Agonizing Ecstasies of Male Contraception

Anyone else read Bonk? Besides having an awesome name, it's an excellent, fun, book about sex. It talks about Vasalgel and is the first time I heard about it.


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