On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

Great interview! I love the Fug Girls!

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On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

YES! I love Allie and Hyperbole and a Half! I cannot wait to get her book, and would have loved to meet her; she seems great. I missed her on both coasts because I had the misfortune of traveling in the opposite direction of her signings. Booooo. Moar Allie!

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On A Wristwatch That Alleviates the Struggle (of Long-Distance Love)

There is a necklace on Modcloth right now that does this for like $25.

I'm EWR, he's SFO, and it's not ideal, but has been working out okay for four months. He's got a flexible work schedule, we facebook message all day/facetime at night, and both have money to spend on plane tickets. There's definitely talk of my finding a job on the left coast, though. It's not fun to spend 90% of the time missing the other person.

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On The "Box Girls" at the Standard Hotel

When I first heard about the Standard and these kinds of jobs, I was in college in the midwest and thought, "Holy shit, this would be an amazing way to make money." I was/am not their target applicant, either, but I would absolutely rather have done that and gotten so much reading/homework done, instead of working in the food service industry.

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On When Mimi Got Old

This is a great read, and makes me want to call my grandma(s). As an aside: the first line of your bio is also mine, and as a native St. Louisan, I'm proud to have voted for your mom every time I saw her name on a ballot.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 1

Wow. It is so fascinating to read about other peoples' introduction to sex and sexuality - this is very different from mine. Can't wait for part 2!

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On The Hairpin Travel Series, Part Two: "An Escape From Untenable Circumstances"

@Emby I used to have that reaction to stories like this, and now I just think, "That life sounds so exhausting!" That said, though, this is beautiful, and I love this series.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

This was great, and I don't have any significant experiences with the DC metro!

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On Interview with a Person Who Used to Be Paralyzed

@QuiteAmiable My sister was just diagnosed with this! It's terrifying because she's so young and went through two years of testing and treatments before they found the cause of her symptoms, but it definitely opened my eyes with regard to mystery illnesses and diagnoses.

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On The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

@polka dots vs stripes I currently have an NJ license and thank god they don't require it. My MO license did and I tried really hard not to lie about it but MAY have shaved off a couple pounds, just by rounding down.

That all said, this is a GREAT story despite how horrifying it would be to wake up in the middle of a robbery.

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