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Not my story, but happened to a family friend... She had been widowed for a few years and was dating someone new, thinking about selling the house she and her deceased husband had lived in and moving in with the new guy. While she was in the office one night, she heard the printer turn on and one sheet of paper came rolling out with a tiny heart printed in the corner. She believes it was him saying that it was okay for her to move forward.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Ghosts Of My Youth

DAMN I love good ghost stories. Keep 'em coming!

Also, your dad's story about the cat is very "classical ghost story," if you get me. It's like something you'd read in one of those ghost-stories-of-the-old-west books, or maybe the Brothers Grimm ("only this time, (the cat) seemed a lot larger than it had a few minutes ago"). Awesome.

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By Lisa Frank on A Taxonomy of Ghosting

Moaning Myrtle: The very sad, very weepy ex who still sends long tortured emails months after the break up. All this after you only went on 5 dates.

The White Lady: Sends a wildly elaborate wedding invitation to your parent's address (you haven't spoken in YEARS) to make sure you know how great they are doing.

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Thank god the pie charts are *circles* of statistics.

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I rarely log in to comment, but this was so funny! I laughed at work, which I'm not even sure is allowed! Then I clicked over to your tumblr and that was also funny. Please write more things. I'm super glad you got to take a break from the soul-crushing anxiety of trying to live a creative life and enjoy what sounds like half vacation, half job! Wooo!

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By Julie the T on #Ferguson on Day Five

I just...this is America, huh? Everything about this makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks you for continuing to report on it - please keep it up.

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Thank y'all! So meaningful to read these. Apologies for the desk crying!

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Wedding photog here, laughing through my tears. Would love too see Mrs Brayden Wilcox's letter to her wedding photographer, which is probably like "I don't think we need a lot of formal shots, but just so we keep everything in order here's a list of 35 family groupings I definitely want. Gotta please the fam! :)" and "I know it's totally cliche and basically meaningless and that engagement rings are like totally a sexist tradition but can you just maybe put my engagement ring inside this rosebud and make sure you get at least maybe just 10 angles on that? THANKS XOXO"

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