On Fancy Lady Phrases I Want To Be Able To Seriously Say Before I Die

As the lowest person on the totem pole at a both a nonprofit that awards grants and a college that goes through admissions every year, I have said both "Sorry, I was in a committee meeting..." and "This was one of the toughest decisions we had to make in this competition..." with complete sincerity many times, and I am not, nor do I feel, fancy in any way. I'm eating cheese and crackers for lunch, for crying out loud.

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On Lagusta Yearwood, The Punk Chocolatier

Wow, this was a great piece. I got totally sucked into her world for a bit and basically, if she doesn't sell the Rock Scramble in the city somewhere, she should, because I would eat that in one second. Namely, this second right now.

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On Estate Jewelry: Dead Cromwell Edition

That last necklace! Even though I have nowhere to wear it, I would put it on and parade around my apartment. Same with the sapphire bib necklace. Soooo much pretty. I love this feature!

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

This is awesome. I don't have any good ghost stories, which pains me, because I love reading other people's. I grew up kind of a scaredy-cat, but my favorite adult when I was younger was our Catholic-school nun choir director who told us amaaaazingly spooky stories of spirits and the unexplained. My friends loved it - they were very much into witchy and occult things - but I spent half the time intrigued by these things that frightened me, and the other half just plain frightened.

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On Halloween Advent Calendar 2014: Estate Jewelry

@e271828 And then it's in perfect rhyme/meter! I love the estate jewelry feature here. MOAR ESTATE JEWELRY.

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On The Zombie Apocalypse, "Shark Week," and My Great-Grandmother’s Vengeful Ghost Screams

Probably the best thing I've ever read. <3

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On Smells Like Teen Spirit

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I had never heard of this company until right this minute.

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On Everything You Knew Is A Lie: A List of Celebrities Who Have Been Lying to You

"Someone trying to mansplain IUDs to you" made me snort oatmeal. Thanks, Jazmine. <3 <3

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On Annotated Rainbow Brite Fan Fiction

This is amazing. Whose idea was it to make a book? How do you still have this? So many questions, so much appreciation.

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On Dumb

Ooh, this is interesting. Can't wait for future installments. I can't imagine what it would be like to have this kind of condition permanently - I had my tonsils out a couple years ago and just that temporary amount of time being unable to sing, speak, or swallow without off-the-charts pain was more than I could handle. This is such a beautiful method to conveying your experience.

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