On The Zombie Apocalypse, "Shark Week," and My Great-Grandmother’s Vengeful Ghost Screams

Probably the best thing I've ever read. <3

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On Smells Like Teen Spirit

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I had never heard of this company until right this minute.

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On Everything You Knew Is A Lie: A List of Celebrities Who Have Been Lying to You

"Someone trying to mansplain IUDs to you" made me snort oatmeal. Thanks, Jazmine. <3 <3

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On Annotated Rainbow Brite Fan Fiction

This is amazing. Whose idea was it to make a book? How do you still have this? So many questions, so much appreciation.

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On Dumb

Ooh, this is interesting. Can't wait for future installments. I can't imagine what it would be like to have this kind of condition permanently - I had my tonsils out a couple years ago and just that temporary amount of time being unable to sing, speak, or swallow without off-the-charts pain was more than I could handle. This is such a beautiful method to conveying your experience.

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On Apologia

<3 This is great and says incredibly eloquently the things I think and feel but can't express. Bravo!

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On A Man in Ferguson Defends the Looting

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Well, the StL County PD and the FBI are handling the investigation of Mike Brown's murder, but the militarization of the police force in the area is just making things worse. I grew up in the neighboring town, and plenty of my friends and their families still live in Ferguson. It just seems like nothing can make it better or back to normal, at least not yet. It's like Halloween or New Year's - plenty of people are taking this and twisting it into an opportunity to act like hooligans, when the goal of most people who live and work in the area is fixing the system and getting justice for what happened to Mike Brown.

All my social media feeds are full of firsthand accounts/pictures/video of the happenings in and around Ferguson, but I am so thankful that Jia is keeping this community informed and updated through the Hairpin.

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On The Best Time I Ate Saladcake on a Dare to Win a Prom Date

Oof, right in the awkward high-school-aged feels. Lovely read.

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On #Ferguson

I grew up in one of the towns next to Ferguson (Florissant) and have been hearing from friends about the discrepancies between the reports from police, media, witnesses, and even onlookers about what's happening on the ground right now. I just hope that the video evidence that supposedly exists is released so we can see for ourselves what happened, and that the Brown family can get some justice for their son's death.

Sometimes it seems like the world really is headed to hell in a handbasket.

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On The Instagrammers of the Bay Area Femme Cartel

This is super cool. I especially love the paper fliers. As a photographer and employee in and around the NYC art world, I have become super jaded. I haven't been to a show in a million years save for the ones I produce, because ughhhh. But I would go to this one.

And for editors of the site: the HTML in the final Beyond Breakfast and Selfies link is busted.

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