On Befriending Your Best Friend's Girlfriend and Resisting the "One True Sex Act"

@Glasses I like this comment a lot! My boyfriend and I are both cisgendered, unkinky and without medical issues, but PIV is a rarity for us too. It's absolutely not the be-all and end-all, and some people simply aren't that interested in it!

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

I have no input except I TOTALLY HAD THAT CD ROM. It was the best!

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On The Carrot-Almond Breakfast Cake

Man, this cake is awesome. I swapped the olive oil for coconut oil and added half a cup of shredded unsweetened coconut to the batter. It was in-credible - the best carrot cake I have ever had. I'm going to try swapping the sugar for honey or agave or maybe coconut sugar. So good!

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@Verity This is the way the lady rides! My grandad used to do thst.

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@milkbreath My boyfriend makes me into the bed and I still giggle like mad when he does it. Kid for life!

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On Maybe They Like Having Their Hair Played With?

@Jade A few years ago I had very short, fluffy bleached blonde hair like duck down. I was on a bus with my friend and became aware that the two smal children sitting behind me were kneeling on their seats and gently petting my hair. This went on for most of the journey. Most of me thought it was sweet but I did wonder why their mother didn't tell them to stop it. Personal space is an important lesson.

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On 10 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

@packedsuitcase Newcastle is pretty warm today! It's not so bad. Also, I have been waking up at night because it's too hot. But I can't have windows open because my bedroom is next to the scary streets, so I might be a rare case.

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On 10 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

@Megano! I'm British and I have cold hands and feet in summer, and warm hands and feet in winter. I thought this was a handy personal heating system caused by a happy coincidence of superior genes, but apparently it is a national stereotype.

Unless it was meany that we are emotionally chilly. Less likely to hug strangers than the Americans I've met but I have lived in Newcastle and Liverpool and have met lots of lovely people.

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On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

My boyfriend and I adopted our little ginger furball a month ago and he's awesome. He'd been at the shelter for three weeks and was feral before when we adopted him at 10 weeks. He was so shy - wouldn't come out from under the furniture at first. Now he's an adorable little ball of fur who plays all day and sleeps with us at night. His favourite toys are the little clear caps from water bottles. He dribbles them around the floor chasing one until he loses it, then comes and purrs at me until I pick him up and go and find it.

He's my first ever cat and already I can't imagine being without him. He's needy and a bit crazy, and he's had 3 vet visits with 3 prescriptions for various things already, but he's the best.

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On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

@Stevie I have the guilt too now for adopting my crazy little ginger cat alone. I think it was sad for him going from a room full of kittens at the shelter to my flat, but he's so affectionate and clingy now (1 month later) that I don't know how he'd handle another kitty to take up our attention and time.

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