On How To Do Pull-Ups

@twirl2 That's how I'm working up to my first pull up. Also I'll sometimes use band assists when at the gym. I mean, GETTING SO SWOLE, BRO.

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On Bill Murray and Me

I love "meeting Bill Murray" stories.

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On RIP to This Old Clam

Collect the memories of all the old clams in the world and you would have... well, nothing, really, they're clams.

Unless we're talkin' THESE OLD CLAMS (gestures to lap). AMIRITE, LADIES?

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On "praise the Hennessy, the brown/ shine, the dull burn"

Who knew the Obamas modeled for Hennessey?

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On On the Death of Renisha McBride

@The Wub I lack the words for this disparagingly constant disparity, yet an ultra sad emoticon seems a tad trite. Yet, :((((((((((.

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On A Very Jock Jams Halloween

Well, that tops today's list of things unexpected. I had doubts, but with Jia behind the helm I knew it'd go somewhere promising.

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On One Weird Trick to Control Your Boyfriend's Mind (the Trick Is Pouring Juice in His Dickhole)

BLESS YOU, HAIRPIN. Bless every friggin' one of you.

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On ScarJo News

His Twitter profile pic is, uh... interesting. Journalistic framing, I'm sure.

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On Nicki Minaj Murdered You On Your Own Shit: The Guest Verse as Social Justice

THANK YOU FOR THIS. Love, love, love her spot in "Monster," foster guilty love for some of her pop hits, wholly appreciate her Nicki-ness, and then my public radio listening ass has missed all these other spots. TO THE YOUTUBES!

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On What Is the Difference Between Mascara, Eye-Liner and Concealer? Six Philosophical Inquiries

His goals are in all the right places! And the Hairpin gets a juicy shout out! Clearly you ladies are too focused on your periods and cocktails and yoga pants and finding husbands to make REAL MONEY.

"Bustle is a very different company from xojane or thehairpin. I would like for Bustle to be one of the fifty largest sites on the internet within this decade, and I would like to see it generate $100 million in revenue by that point. That's not to say that it is impossible for a feminist site like thehairpin to also achieve this, but I think that we are approaching things differently. Raising a large round of venture capital is one such difference in approach. Partnering with a major media company like Time Warner is another....

There are many great female-focused websites out there, and some great explicitly feminist ones too. Very few have raised venture capital. Very few attract eight-figure advertising revenue. Very few have been acquired for $100,000,000's. My goal is for this to be massive."

(Quote gleaned from Bitch Magazine's piece on Bustle HERE, although there are so many other good ones out there as well.)

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