On Time Frames

As I was reading this I was reminded of "Kettering" by the Antlers and so I put it on: and then oh my god these tears where are they coming from why won't they stop?

This article is heartbreaking and beautiful.

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On A Revenge Scenario For Student Loan Borrowers

I understand what you and others are saying in this thread, but as a recent grad I want to say that its really, really, hard to get a STEM major. Even if you want one. At many schools these are the hardest programs to gain admission to, and that's just at the college admission stage. Further down the line you have filtering classes that are designed to "weed-out" sometimes more than half of the class from the STEM major. Many people I know who graduated with generic liberal arts majors did so not because they genuinely wanted a liberal arts degree, but because it had the lowest filtering level. Add to this the fact that STEM fields are more expensive to teach, and that schools receive equal amounts of tuition from english majors and robotics majors, then I think you can't blame the students entirely for this choice. I know in the California state system that these are the hardest majors to graduate with, often requiring extra years of undergrad time commitment in order to fulfill course requirements. Some students don't have the money or the time for that, particularly the students in the lower half of the state system. So whenever I read a comments thread on student debt where the commenters are chiding students for not getting more valuable degrees, I get a little frustrated.

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On Interview with Filmmaker Izzy Chan: "Have we adjusted our expectations of what a man needs to bring to the table?"

Reading these kinds of trend pieces always makes me laugh a little, my family was doing this before it was cool! My dad worked part-time and raised me and my sister while my mom was doing her Sr. attorney thing. They both had the same level of education, my dad just preferred spending more time with us and we had enough money to make that all work out. He didn't seem to mind it, but then, we had a housekeeper who came through and did most of the grunt work (although he still cooked).

I would be fine with a similar situation for myself, but I think there's a difference between being in a relationship where one person chooses that role versus where its forced on them. Like the housewives of yesterday, modern underemployed men are finding out that being forced into that role (with less cultural cache) can suck for all sorts of reasons.

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On When a Girl Becomes a Demon

Those social-class cabin distinctions are truth. I was always in "the cabin for people nobody else wanted in their cabins" at fundie sleep-away. It wasn't so bad, once you're at the bottom there's no need to be mean to establish your social level anymore, but there were also kids who had legitimate sleep disorders. And wasp nests the size of VW beetles. Some kid got hospitalized for walking into one at night the last summer I went. Oh camp.

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On A Love Letter to the Postal Service

@TheMnemosyne When I was a kid I was a religious fundamentalist. High school was the time it all started to disintegrate. Postal Service's bleeps and blips were the soundtrack to this process of me splintering apart and fragmenting into hundreds of bits.

At the end of it I was digging fossils out of the Utah landscape in front of some local FLDS; picking out the scraps of bone and gluing the worthwhile ones back together.

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On How to Enter Parties

Alright who said, "We'll be all right as long as they can't open doors."
After last week you should all know better!

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On All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them

@kystilla Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. I'm 22 and my family's all old and my friends are all very sensible people. Maybe there will be some in the future, but I'm beginning to suspect the first wedding I attend will be my own.

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