On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

"I never understood how people always remembered the date of Cinco de Mayo. Such an obscure holiday, I thought. This went on until two years ago."

It is that sort of charm that would make me want to propose.

Can we have a 'pin open thread about all the ditzy things our brains have conceived?

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On Couples Therapy

"I'll thank you not to stare." So great.

Does couples therapy ever not lead to a break-up?

When my ex and I screened a couples therapist, I asked if she ever advised couples to break up. I was just curious, though the ex took offense to the question. The therapist said no, but that she might ask couples to list what they need from a relationship and then ponder if they are getting that from the other person. (I figured that would be the clue that she thought it wouldn't work, though of course, going to a couples therapist in the first place was the first clue.)

Seriously, though, has a couples therapist ever saved your relationship?

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@Miss Maszkerádi http://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Underwater-Pouch-Cover-iPhone/dp/B007KTEDP2
Though I often will tuck my tote bag under a corner of my towel and just keep an eye on things whilst cavorting with the dolphins.

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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

@rachelrachel They are sitz bones....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuberosity_of_the_ischium

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On "Manhattan," Cat Power

Oh, Mindy. I bingewatch about once a month, half hatewatching, half hoping the show will get itself together. The opening credits make me regret that decision every episode. The Morgan character (my name!) makes me so uncomfortable and unhappy that I want to stop watching television all together - what, is he supposed to be, like, the kooky Kenneth/Dwight character? IT'S NOT WORKING. But that one genuine laugh makes all the cringes worth it (all the shit Mindy has in her bed - ME TOO, MINDY!!)

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On Tonight's Full Moon

@splendorofmorgan ALSO: "Your home or a property matter is likely to go in a direction you don't expect on March 22." Two days later, I was robbed.

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On Tonight's Full Moon

Capricorn here, and poor Sue warned me and warned me about this week, and still, I'm blown over: I"Something is about to go very wrong [in your house of career] and you will need to be able to attend to events quickly." My department was dissolved, my position made redundant, and I was offered a new position in a different department (still in negotiations).

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@LMac I miss being able to fall down with minimal pain.

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@iceberg Observed in a park:
Photographer to young son during family photo shoot: "Can you laugh like you're getting tickled?"
Mother: "We don't tickle in our family."
My boyfriend and I: staring at each other in disbelief as we ponder the fetishes this boy will surely grow up to enjoy.

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On Friday Open Thread

On a flight from SMF-LAX, I sat near a person who is going on Judge Joe Brown. His girlfriend is suing him for bills he didn't pay while they were living together. I'm withholding judgment until I hear her side of the story, although the fact that he thought it prudent to announce his circumstances to everyone within a three aisle radius does not bode well for his character.

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