On Neurotica: Erotica For the Slightly Anxious

Oh, my heart. Well played, Ms. Weiser.

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On This Is The Day Before 40

I'm 41, so here's my much older and wiser take: 1) Don't worry about Bhutan, your kids would hate it because there's no smoking. 2) Nobody short of Tom Ricks can really discuss the Middle East intelligently, so don't worry about that either.

The rest, you're on the hook for. Step it up, would you?

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On How to Have a Miscarriage

Thanks, all. Hearing all this is exactly why I wanted it to be out in the world. You're all very kind and I am glad it's helpful.

I also popped in to say that I munged my very own Twitter handle when I submitted this, argh. I'm @smellsofdetroit without the underscores, if anyone was wondering.

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On Everyone Wave Goodbye to George Will

OLD-TIMEY PEZ DISPENSER. That is a Spy-worthy epithet. Well-played, madam.

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On Being Maleficent

What worries me about this essay is that it nearly begs the question of whether evil is legitimately definable, especially as an intrinsic trait of a human being. The problem is less that women aren't allowed to be evil than that anyone gets characterized or reduced as such. Calling something "evil" walls off solutions to the problem presented by the behavior or event. What's the use in it, besides absolving ourselves of the responsibility to find the best solutions?

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On Stephen Hawking Published a Paper Claiming There Are No Black Holes

Maybe this question will illustrate just how dense I am, but how can anything be "infinitely dense"? I can't tell if that is something a science journalist trumped up, or if it's some sort of mathematical idea, or... ?

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On Depend on a Yes

Charming and funny and touching. More, plz.

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On Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

@stonefruit SRSLY, this is one of the best turns of phrase I have read all year. Respect.

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On RIP to This Old Clam

You see a headline like "RIP to This Old Clam" on a site like the Hairpin and you get some strange initial impressions.

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On A Single Tear for Public Masturbation

I feel like the bigger revelation here is: When did Cosmo start hiring actual funny writers?

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