On What's In Your Google?

Thiiiis is mesmerizing.

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On "Chicken Little in Love"

@Little_Lakes I don't know about scary, but the more I think about it, the sadder it makes me. Oh, poetry.

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On "Chicken Little in Love"

This is lovely.

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On What Is the Color of Sudden Death?

I'd like to see the stats on The Next Generation, please.

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On Horrible Things That Have Happened to Doctors on "Grey's Anatomy" Since 2005

@Ophelia I made it through the fall off the pier, but bailed at the end of that story when she meets her dead dog and Denny at that hospital in the sky and then decides not to die when she passes her mother in the hallway and the mom dies instead.

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On The Story of "Lost"

@frigwiggin The same can be said for Dollhouse, but I totally loved both shows all the way through. Although in Dollhouse's defense, they had to wrap it up way sooner than anticipated, and really any closure was kind of impressive. Plus I don't think there's ever been a show I've been in love with where I didn't find the ending to be a letdown (I'm always just sad that it's over).

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On Happy National Peanut Butter Month

@snowmentality And I refrigerate it and it stays liquidy! Seriously, this is my favorite kitchen trick.

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On Happy National Peanut Butter Month

I don't remember where I learned this, but it totally changed my life: Store natural peanut butter upside down when you bring it home from the store, and the oil and nuts will mix together on their own. Magic!

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On Recent Nut News

@crane your neck If nut butters count, I am all over this thing.

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On GTFO, Prom

In 2003, five of my friends and I (three boys, three girls) decided to forgo the limo rental that everyone else was doing and take one of the guy's '78 Cadillac to senior ball in San Francisco. We listened to 8 tracks on the way and each paid $5 for valet parking.

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