On Reasons Why You're Single

this is truly a great list. i identify with the last one.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@themmases WORRRRRD. "only in a rape culture do some dude's private, wishful feelings get to redefine an entire relationship over my public, accurate ones." yes.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@shantasybaby not cray; you are in fact doing it right.

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On Strong People With Short Arms

that article is nonsense. it's a skill, like any, you practice it and eventually you can do it. keep practicing and later on you can do it well or more often. i have legs like tree trunks and matching booty...well over 150lbs, but i can still do 2 or 3 unaided, and a whole bunch more with the rubber band thing from the bar to my foot. took some time though.

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On Things Guys Have Said to Me at the Boxing Gym

this article is relevant to my interests. feel u, girl.

to all of you considering taking up a combat art but feeling intimidated/don't want dudes to be weird about it: START TODAY. having this stuff as a hobby is a great way of kinda automatically weeding out insecure douchebags and guys that can't handle a little playing with gender roles.

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On What I Meant to Do

ahh! this was amazing and brought me to tears!

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On Girls I Have Loved for One Moment

@The Kendragon exactly my reaction, i feel like i miss these people too and i'll never meet them. truly a sign of good writing.

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On The Best Time I Asked for Something and Got It

oh my god i love this! the whole december capricorn paragraph was genius! i want to go swimming now.

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On The Ministry for Boyfriend Review

i love this comment thread and this article SO HARD.

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On Alternating Gender Incongruity

@H.E. Ladypants Yes, other women feel the same way. That's me. Usually I feel best when wearing boyish clothes but even with my crewcut I have a "feminine face" so I don't pass for male in public very often. When I put on a dress and makeup and heels for social purposes I feel like such a fake, and am a little anxious that people will notice.

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