On Controversial Opinions Post: The Moisturizer I Don't Like

I love Embryolisse and you can't make me not love it, nyah nyah. But I remember when magazines used to tout Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream. Now that stuff was nasty--basically super-thick Vaseline that smelled like medicine. Yurgh.

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On A Roz Chast Appreciation Post

She is amazing. Always loved her. I bought her memoir about her parents and it's so devastating, sweet, and true.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I used a diaphragm (ugh) until I was in my mid-20s, then I think I tried Depo-Provera for a while, and finally the pill. I had zero issues with it, and in fact it was good for me, as I have a family history of ovarian cancer and not ovulating so much is supposed to help prevent it. But then when I was 43 or so I started feeling crampy and uncomfortable all the time. The doctor said it was already a low-dose version, so there wasn't much of an alternative, pill-wise. I decided to go off it and do nothing, as I thought pregnancy was unlikely at my age and my boyfriend and I basically practiced withdrawal all the time anyway. But now we're broken up and I don't know what to do when I start dating again. I'm 45 so getting pregnant seems even more unlikely, but I sure would hate to find out that I'm one of the "lucky" ones.

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On For The Love Of Love

I am going through a relationship crisis/probably breakup right now and this is so true for me: "I wanted somebody to love me completely so I wouldn’t have to." I've always expected relationships to fix me--even though intellectually I know this is not possible. I'm about to turn 45 and I keep having to learn the same lesson. I wish I could have written this beautiful essay.

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On Excerpts From The December 2014 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

@T A@twitter The writer did go back and ask the original gift giver--she couldn't remember but thought it was probably an Hermes scarf. Oops.

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On November Horoscopes From Galactic Rabbit

Ahhhh so many horoscopes lately have been right on. Especially this one (Capricorn). The work is hard, but I am doing it. No other choice really.

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On A Really Bad Month

Oh boy I needed this today. Not pregnant, but dealing with the same kind of emotional immaturity in my . . . boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend? I don't know because he won't communicate with me. I will try to keep your last panel in mind.

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On Never Bring Your Boyfriend to Brunch

"I was thinking this would be just us/ladies only." Problem solved. Friends have said that to me and I have been just fine with it.

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On The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

I wasn't wondering what had happened to Atoosa Rubenstein, but after reading this I had to find out: running something called Big Momma Productions.

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On Trends Men Hate

I once styled and wrote a fashion piece for a major city paper. One guy took the time to find my email address and write me a note, which started out "I may be a guy and not know anything about fashion, but . . . " and then proceeded to tell me how stupid my looks were. Well, I can say he was right about not knowing anything about fashion.

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