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On Explanations

Well, yes, obviously.

But what are you going to do about it? Because it's not my responsibility to correct that shitty behaviour. When you're done working on your toxic, dehumanising bullshit, why don't you call other men out on it instead of explaining to us why it happens? Because we live it, and we already know.

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On Conversations With Old Men

When I was working in the opticians I got a lot of sweet old-man flirting (also a lot of creepy old-man flirting)

My favourite was the 70-something who still did his hair with pomade and wore a dapper suit and all his medals and he clutched his wifes hand and looked at her like she was the *most beautiful thing* and he looked at me with a cute little smile and told me "You ae the second prettiest girl I've seen today" and then pointed at his wife "she's the prettiest"

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On Scrub?

It is so important to have a consensus on money issues! Also on working in total!

I currently don't 'work' (I write, but no-one pays) and we have an agreement that if things don't start making money within a certain time frame, I try to get a part time job again.

It is not shallow or materialistic to be concerned about your future and your comforts.You need to have a talk about his goals and ambitions and what his attitude to money and work is. I'd say it's not necessarily his money situation that would be that marker for 'will this work' but it's whether or not you can TALK about things.

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On On Subcultures

I have never been 'cool'and I became a lot happier with myself when I accepted that and just did stuff I liked instead.

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On On Subcultures

@Pyxis If it's a combat LARP (foam swords) your body parts are given hit points, and each side call the amount of damage you do. If you get hit, that damage comes off your points. You tot it up at certain points.

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On On Subcultures

@Kristen My friends describe it, and Tabletop Roleplay, as 'Cops and Robbers with a rules system'.

(my husband makes LARP weapons as a financial sideline, so guess where I stand on this)

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On My Foreign Mom

Late again ( like I was to MY MUMS BIRTHDAY oh god) but once I told her I wished she was dead. Over a board game.

My mum is a super-dn't-show-negative-emotion-unless-you-are-shouting type but she cried OH GOD I MADE MY MUM CRY I am the worst

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

If my parents had tumblr back in 1987-1989/90 they would have done this.

As it is, all I have is sarcastic diary entries in my mothers handwriting about how they love me and all, but I'm being a ridiculous little shit.

"Anninyn hit dad today because she lost her balloon. What a little brat."

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On Friday Open Thread

@Inspector Tiger Go alone! If people think you're weird for doing it, set them on fire!

(don;t because that causes more problems than it solves)

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On Friday Open Thread

@wee_ramekin Fuck that condescending dickrocket.

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