On A Shot in the Dark: My Night with the Male Strippers at Hunk-O-Mania

I went to Hunk-O-Mania and the guys did not make small talk with any of us. The gyrating started immediately and was very uncomfortable. There was a lot of touching and they also tried to drink our drinks with us.... Not my scene. Though what you describe sounds fun. Wish I had been there with you guys.

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On On Finally Watching "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon"

My favorite part (ie the part when I burst out laughing) is when they did a 360 shot of optimus on the bridge like he was hero (!!) when in fact he is a toy! A toy robot! Also going "SENTINEL" in the Optimus Prime voice is a surefire way to crack me up. That movie was horrible.

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On I Blew It With Scott Speedman

I was a fierce Felicity fan and never found him that cute or attractive. Then I saw him in person a couple of years ago in SoHo and my heart stopped. No joke, his eyes are like the ocean. He is truly beautiful.

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On Big Movie

I liked The Avengers! I didn't stay until the end of the credits because I was ready to get up, but heard that something happened? Some evil guy or something came out?

I did not like that I couldn't see the supermoon because of all the fog :(

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On New Music From Beach Coast and Best House

I didn't even know I was mixing them up until I played what I expected to be a Best Coast album and it sounded sooo different...

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@Alixana Oh, people do, but it's always really weird looking because it's not relevant. It's especially suspicious when they put their LSAT score, but leave their GPA off. (I'm a recruiter.)

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On Why 1995 Was Probably the Best Year Ever for Movies

@adrienne proof!

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On Why 1995 Was Probably the Best Year Ever for Movies

I love SO MANY (maybe too many) of these movies. I'm also of the opinion that the music released in 1995 is amazing. It was one hell of a year!

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On [View Slideshow]

A++, very good article.

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On Horrible Things to Do to a Perfectly Good Online Recipe for Plain Irish Soda Bread

Is using mayonnaise and sour cream instead of eggs even a thing??

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