On My Imaginary Friends: The Beauty YouTuber Economy

I too am addicted to the YouTube beauty bloggers, even as I sit there and think about how I am watching one giant advertisement. Why do I do this?

Additionally, these types of videos tend to be a sure fire way to cure any insomnia I might be having. About 3 minutes in and I am dead asleep.

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On Friday Open Thread


houzz.com has an awesome search feature so you can look for green and yellow rooms to get ideas

I'm guessing you like YHL style too, so I'd suggest censational girl , door sixteen, Manhattan nest, to name a few. I think YHL has a sidebar with some of their favorite links, so you could check that out too!

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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum I swear by Clinique High Impact! and its hypoallergenic if you rub your eyes a lot (me) without being smudgy. Comes off with just warm water in the shower (no soap!) but stays pretty well with cool water (like swimming
ETA: I use the non-waterproof formula in the green tube, waterproof mascara is the worst.

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On Friday Open Thread

@christonacracker My parents cat started doing this after a midly traumatic incident and she had to go on kitty prozac for about 8 weeks until she was no longer compulsive about it. It could have started as anxiety and now just moved to a compulsion, so that might be an answer. We tried a cone before drugs but she just chewed the cone off, so kitty prozac might be the answer. Good luck and I hope she feels better!

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On Friday Open Thread

@somuchsugar Not to get all overly helpful on you, but since I'm a recruiter, I can tell you with 100% confidence that interviewing gets easier with practice. My biggest advice would be to go into the interview knowing exactly what information you want to get from them, whether that is technical ability or team fit, or both. It would shock you how many of my hiring managers go into interviews and don't ask questions that get them the information they actually need to make a real decision about the person.

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese Thanks! Sometimes it just makes you feel better knowing that somebody out there is hoping for good things for you.

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On Friday Open Thread

@melis sometimes I am seriously tempted. At least in this particular instance I have done my best and its someone else being an asshole versus my own personal failing. I am a Tech Recruiter, so basically I go through the drama of getting/getting rejected by a new job every day of my life. It doesn't ever get any easier/better people.

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On Friday Open Thread

My job is such a fucking emotional roller-coaster, and overall people suck and/or lie all the effing time. Bah. I need a win, people. Mind sending prayers/good vibes/karma points my way? Thx.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@fondue with cheddar Uhm, and someone chime in if this is completely wrong, but have you tried... eyeshadow? I mean, often times they say to powder your face to absorb the oil and cut down shine so it seems like wearing a powder eyeshadow would do the same thing. If you don't like the way make up looks and thats why you dont wear it, you could always get a matte shade in your skin tone. Otherwise, maybe some of those oil absorbing sheets you can keep in your bag?

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On Friday Open Thread

@honey cowl I am on the eastside and it is terrible. I work in Lower QA. I will be moving into the city next month, and I will gladly pay absurd amounts in rent to not spend 2 to 3 hours a day in the car.

Also, can anybody schedule a meet-up? Because I'd really like to come and then they keep getting scheduled on days that I have Things I Can't Get Out Of, and it makes me sad.

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