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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

@tales Yes. The words, "Hairpin, RLY?" come to mind.

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

One rather crucial thing missing from the article.

The rooms behind the windows are rented out in shifts directly to the women, so (if it's all working correctly) they are freelancers who work purely for themselves.

Am not really very taken by this whole piece – she gave up time (and probably money as fifty euros is not much) to talk to this guy who seems to find her disgusting.

Several years ago I went to Amsterdam on a press trip that included interviews with the head of the prostitutes union, with social workers, a brothel owner, an anthropologist who specialised in migration AND the city council, who are trying to gentrify the red light districts in the centre of town by buying up the brothels and installing artists and designers in them temporarily. The net result of that policy is that the working women are pushed out to more isolated locations. In the trad red light district they and locals can look out for one another.

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On A Conversation About How to Write Memoir

I wanted to write a nonfiction book that covered cultural and social history and was told it would have to have a memoir element by my publisher. I cringed, and it took me years to be able to write about myself, but it really helped to read other, similar titles and see how others did it.

Roger Deakin's Waterlog is a beautiful book with a smidge of memoir in it.
Lorna Sage's Bad Blood – spectacular.
Francis Spufford's The Child That Books Built. Dips in and out of a very personal story without tackling it in a tacky way.
Angela Carter's nonfiction essays that touch on her own life – anorexia, her parents, her travels.
MFK Fisher, although I get the impression that her memoir elements contain a large amount of fiction (I should never have read that biography of her)

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

@Urwelt If I was being extremely uncharitable I'd say it sounds a bit like she was very curious about online dating but had to cloak that exploration in this whole "I'm not really trying to date, it's art" thing.

I'm always amazed by the detail that people, especially men, put on their profiles. If you read a bunch of them, they do begin to seem generic, but to the composer they're not. Perhaps she fell into that trap.

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

Um, is it just me who thinks that reads like every profile on OKC ever?

Or is it just because I'm in Berlin and people tend to have moved here to exploooooooooooore their creativity?

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On "How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden—and how to reclaim it"

I'm not sure that back in the seventies feminism was magically intersectional and supportive – I've read enough horror stories about the movement then.

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On Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

@karenb Bad enough that my first reaction to the news of the edit-a-thon was, "I bet a bunch of nerdbro chauvinists are going to make it their life's mission to reverse or otherwise degrade all those additions."

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On A Migraine *Just For You*

Usually it's just a persistent, one-sided headache. I go to bed and sleep it off, feel a bit groggy the next day.

The one insaneo mega one I had began with those weird crenellation shapes moving across my eyes, then comets raining down, then having tunnel vision, than a headache which left me writhing in pain and took two full weeks to totally clear up. I think I lost about half a stone. I was so out of it that I would fall asleep on people midsentence. I do not know how people cope when they have those on a regular basis.

The mega one was the first I was aware of and I ordered and read Oliver Sacks book on migraines – I think it was the best thing I did. There are a huge number of case studies in it which are fascinating, and although the science is out of date, it did teach me that (as I understand it) a migraine is the result of some kind of overload, whether it's stress, hormones or a food that's a problem. This meant that I didn't waste a bunch of time cutting x or y out of my diet. Mine was a combo of dehydration, the climax of a very hurtful relationship and having mismatched contact lenses...

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On What I Learned From Reading The Economist

Re. the Merkel hands thing. That's become her thing, like Thatcher's hair or Major's grey suits. There have been entire election ads referencing it.

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On The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

But but but... if you have no toilet brush, and you have a guest, and they poop and they need to clean the toilet to be polite, how are they meant to do that?

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