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On First-Ever Tramp Stamp Discovered

Google "Pazyryk tattoos"– very beautiful ancient tatts from the Eurasian Steppe.

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On Talking to Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, "Story Architects" for Young Adult Literature

The former literary agent's assistant in me wants to see the contracts. But it does sound like more a learning, nurturing environment than Frey Towers.

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On The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense

@Miss_T These include many of the reasons why I chose KM. I have a connective tissue disorder and cannot do judo/boxing type training. I also wanted something that felt instinctive and didn't require months or even years of training.

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On The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense

I travelled solo in Mongolia and China last year, so I took a half day krav maga course with a friend who had been assaulted on the metro a few weeks earlier during commuting time (no one came to her aid. They just sat and watched as a guy knocked her down and choked her.)

We had wicked fun. It was only a beginning – it's hard to overcome the reserve about really hitting back and you need serious muscle memory for many moves – but it WAS empowering. And the dirtiest fighting imaginable. I've been recommending it to all the women I know.

Every time I read Everyday Sexism's feed I wish that girls were all taught something like ESD or krav maga. Just something to make them feel less threatened. Yes, I know it's not just girls who get assaulted, but still. Thanks for this and your work.

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On What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

@Sheila Albertson Seconded. My God. Every time I've done something for a women's mag they've come at it with a full set of requirements about what's in it – facts or actual news be damned. They just have to get out of the way to make the right story. Oh, and I'm not allowed to say I live in Berlin as apparently that would just cause damage to the readers. Or something.

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On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

@Ian Young I'm British. I understand piss-taking. But I don't understand how you critique the fact that many videos use scantily clad black dancers covered in jizz substitutes as a backdrop to a white star by making a video featuring, er, backgrounded, scantily clad black dancers covered in jizz substitutes.

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

@LunaLunaLunaMoth The one I did was 800 words in a format more restrictive than a blog :)

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

@Lipstick4all No Matt, not blinded by the desire to trash. Just uncomfortable with the pidgin, the descriptions of her body and the tourism feel.

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

@Susanna Hey up, sockpuppets ahoy.

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

@Elitist and Dull I had so much material from that trip, but the article I'd been commissioned to do didn't leave me room to use most of it... But the woman who ran the prostitutes' union said something similar to Christina: men were (she thought, led by the internet and porn) asking for increasingly extreme things. If the girls couldn't speak enough of whatever lingua franca was used, they could end up in a tricky situation.
In her working days she was the sole operator in a village where she was pretty respected and appreciated, and the men were happy to have plain old vanilla sex rather than expecting her to do whatever they didn't dare ask their wives and girlfriends to do. Most of the men in the village were on her client list, and some of the wives would even come to her and ask her to work on something with their men, to improve things in bed at home. She was great fun... But also pointed out that this gentrification was not good for the current working girls, and I think there was also something about the government trying to end funding to the union (I need to check that).
A woman had been murdered the year I was there – outside her room, by someone trying to steal her cash. But it was not a frequent occurence. Am not sure if it's the same woman Christina is referring to. The only other working girl I briefly met had raised and educated three kids on her earnings and was about to retire. Oh, and one of the women working in that particular set of windows was a flight attendant who liked to earn a little on the side.
None of this is to make out that it's all hunky dory. There are clearly also issues with pimps, violence, illegal operations that endanger women. And the history is tied into Dutch colonialism, to boot. I couldn't begin to scratch the surface even with that range of interviews.

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