By Nicole Cliffe on Breaking News Round-Up


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By MaxBraverman on Breaking News Round-Up

@fabel Jezebel is a mess and shouldn't be allowed to call itself a feminist website. I wouldn't want it linking to my blog either.

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By purefog on Paying Your Share and When You Can't

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aaaannnnnddd. . . .now we have come full circle, as the original post was about a two-faced sponge.

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By SarahP on Baby Swaddling for Evil and Profit

@stuffisthings Only if the floor is concrete and the woman is actually a car battery.

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By rockproblems on Leaving the Girl

Of all the typos in this piece, "white whine riesling" is my favorite.

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By iceberg on The Three Stages of Yogurt-Ghost Love

i remembered how much i like yoghurt

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By Cawendaw on Leaving the Girl

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose
"I've always wanted to fuck Anais Nin disguised as Virginia Woolf channeling Aphra Behn being mistaken for e e cummings performing a ventriloquist's doll of Sylvia Plath communicating the unsaid words of Audre Lorde through interpretive dance."
"Dahling, even if I had sex with men for money - like my dear friend Collette, there, who is closer to me than a sister or a lover in ways you couldn't possibly imagine - you couldn't pay me to fuck you if you were dressed as Ellery Queen aping Oscar Wilde imitating T. S. Eliot wearing a skinsuit made from Salman Rushdie, J. D. Salinger, and Ayn Rand."
"I don't know how I'd ever do something so gauche. Why, Ellery Queen was a collective pseudonym for-"
"Shut up and kiss me, you fool!"

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By Hellcat on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Spooky Behaviour I think it's weird too. I mentioned above that my mom has, since I was a little kid, been told that I look like Clint Eastwood's ex-wife whose name escapes me. Who tells someone that?

My friend once posted a (black and white, I think) picture of Madonna on his FB and, at first glance, I totally thought it was me! To be fair, she was wearing sunglasses like mine (only, I'm sure, far more expensive) and had her hair in a way that I often put mine.

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By lavender gooms on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Princess Gigglyfart Are you a brownish area with points?

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By wee_ramekin on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Leanne "Tim McGraw is the only man alive who can wear a white v-neck and white jeans and still look impossibly, absurdly, sexy. So. Yes. It's a compliment."

Correction. Every man ever looks sexiest in a white T-shirt and jeans. It is, in fact, how God intended for Man to be sexy.

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