On Talking About #FemFuture

@PatatasBravas These are some of my favourites:
http://inciteblog.wordpress.com *I don't know if Incite! is still active but lots of good reading at any rate

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On The Bestworst Guy

@OhMyGoshYouGuys I thought it was an euphemism? And a confusing euphemism at that.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

An old neighbour told my mum that I look just like Geena Davis. It was around when A League of Their Own came out and I was ten. I looked nothing like her but it always stayed with me because it seemed so bizarre to compare a little kid to a grown woman.

One of my best friends looks a lot like Mena Suvari and she'd always resisted the comparisons until she walked past a news stand, saw Nylon with Mena Suvari on the cover and for a moment thought that *she* was somehow on the cover. She bought the magazine.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Anna Jayne@twitter Haha, I got that too and also came to the same conclusion (at least I have red hair?). Incidentally the lady who told me was a dead ringer for Maya Rudolph. I didn't mention it.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Moodeln My roommate once got Rachel Ray (NOT AT ALL) and was horrified. The guy then followed it up with "I think she's crazy gorgeous and sexy". It was a confusing day.

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@Quinn A@twitter Also a thing in Manitoba! I think I've seen way more in Winnipeg than I do in Toronto.

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On I Know What You Did Next Summer

This seems like a good opportunity to bring up 'Party for Two', a Shania Twain song that she did with both Mark McGrath and Billy Currington. The videos were *exactly* the same but Shania was way more into Billy than Mark. Pretty much my favourite thing(s) in the world next to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson's friendship.

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On Man Angry, Potentially Violent

@thematt I would agree except that Conrad Black still owns The National Post in Canada (a super right wing newspaper) in which he writes a regular column and he never uses his platform to talk about the industrial prison complex. He is still a libertarian-conservative even when it comes to those issues but being able to trot out (dodgy) statistics on the super high incarceration rates in the US helps his case that he was wrongly convicted. If he was in any way actually saying "yeah, I was a victim of the industrial prison complex but look at these stats on people of colour" or criticizing the war on drugs or minimum sentencing (Canada just passed a terrible omnibus crime Bill extending minimum sentencing and giving harsher sentences for young offenders that was criticized heavily by an American law panel and Black has not said anything in opposition to the Bill) then I'd be in total agreement with you. He's only out for himself.

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On How to Host a Dinner For "The" Strangers

@Pariah Carey OH GOD I'M ALWAYS HOME !!!!

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On The Only Book Trailer We'll Ever Suggest You Watch

UGH THE OVER-LOTION. I once leaned against a wall and slid all the way down, smashing my head at the bottom because I'd over-lotioned my arm (I'm an aggressive leaner). I feel you Penny Marshall/Fred Armisen. Also, this video was hilarious.

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