On The Best For Me But Worst Overall Ghost Encounter This Year

@meetapossum This is what I wonder! I am always tearing napkins/paper coasters into tiny little shreds when I am at restaurants/bars. At home I knit, and I cannot imagine sitting there with nothing to do with my fingers. I should bring my knitting out with me because it would be less embarassing, but people tend to think you are more distracted when you knit as opposed to just absently shredding paper.

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On Things I've Replaced With Olive or Jojoba Oil

@stuffisthings You also have to watch out that its not counterfeit? Apparently that's a thing now too.

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On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

@Hot Doom The dream of the 1890's is alive in Portland.

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On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

@highfivesforall This is exactly what I thought! The style is not right for a hairpin interview and there's no source cited.

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On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

@hotdog The rug is IKEA! I just looked at it when I was there the other day. I got a different one though.

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On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

@Katie Heaney I always assumed it was so the bots don't getcha.

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On Friday Item Receptacle

@Smallison I am aparently sensitive to baking soda, and it made my pits all rashy and peeling. I did not stink though.

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On Friday Item Receptacle

@bitchycrosstownexpress Klorane has one that is in this weird kind of dispenser that you squeeze and then it poofs out the powder similar to how a aerosol can would, but no chemical accelerants, just puffs of air and powder. It seems to last longer too!

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On Go Visit Your Contraband

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll That's what I totally should have done! I wasn't even thinking clearly really because we were already late because their phone boarding pass scanner wasn't working so we had to go back out once already to get paper ones.

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On Go Visit Your Contraband

I wonder if they resell liquids that are confiscated that are above the 3 ounce limit. I once had a half liter bottle of local blueberry wine confiscated in south carolina because I forgot to put it in my check bag. Meanwhile I always carry knitting with me, including needles and a small pair of foldable scissors that I have never even been asked about (knock on wood).

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