On Good Recent Questions From Discovery.com

@mrs psmith "What it means for your weekend! At 10."

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On The Dropped-Ball Generation

@cuminafterall Good thing the hairpin is tracking #doll news for us!

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On Jim Behrle Valentines

@parallel-lines I love that all the information I need about that link is in the URL.

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@Nicole Cliffe I also tried the clinique bb light shade and it was sooo pale. And I am a pale girl. It made me look ill, even when I wore blush/bronzer with it. Other than that I liked it, but I returned it. So I'm thinking a good place to start for someone super pale.

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@planforamiracle I really love Stila's tinted moisturizer too, and I've tried quite a few of them. It's got a really good range of shades and it's fragrance free if you're a sensitive type! I have also tried a couple from Clinique and the Laura Mercier one, which everyone loves, but it's not my fave.

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On Get This Look: Sandwiches

@Megano! I think it varies some, but versions I've had include chicken, ham and swiss on french toast and what was essentially a battered and deep fried club sandwich.

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

@TheRisottoRacket Aparently a trial size of it is the 2013 sephora birthday gift, along with a trial size of their newest mascara.

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

@all I work in a cancer center (not a kids one, just adults) and work with American cancer society to give people wigs. It is a really great program! BUT I think what a lot of people don't realize is that almost ALL the wigs we give away are not human hair, they are synthetic. Sythetic wigs can look amazing now! I have two Pantene Beautiful lengths natural hair wigs available to show people and no one has EVER chosen one of them over a synthetic wig. The synthetic ones are easier to care for, they self style, aren't as hot, and they look great and come in a better range of styles and colors. So don't feel like you need to donate your hair if you'd rather sell it, there are plenty of good synthetic wigs being given to cancer patients for free!

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@parallel-lines I don't like trader joes plain hummus but I really like the roasted garlic kind. With some everything pretzel thins. Yummmm.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@Pound of Salt I take zinc capsules (solaray optizinc, which is 30mg zinc and has something in it to help absorption) for my skin and hair! I think it has helped with breakouts and my scalp (seborrheic dermatitis), which is actually why I started taking it. I was doing a lot of internet research on skin side effects of copper iuds since this all seemed to get much worse after getting the iud, and read a couple places that zinc can help balance the copper you absorb from the IUD. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I have had far fewer breakouts and between that and a good zinc dandruff shampoo my scalp is healed! I forgot to take it a lot during the holiday since I was out of my routine, and my scalp started getting a little itchy again, but it seems to be getting better again now that I am back on it.

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