On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

#1 - Here is my advice. Save up $45 and go to Sephora/Ulta and buy the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. You get a giant jar of 60 pads. Now, before you start using them, pick up the top 5 to 10 pads and, using a clean pair of scissors, cut them in half. Keep doing this as needed. Now you have a jar of 120 pads! Use half a pad a night after cleansing (or every other night if you feel sensitive), rubbing it all over your face and neck. Don't rinse off the pad juice (the directions say to do this). These things really, truly refine your skin. You will get your youthful glow back!

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: The 1947 Wellesley Bulletin Edition

Love the pic with this....and I STEPPED on the BALL!

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On I Dreamed of Being a Plus-Sized J.C. Penney Catalog Model

@yeah-elle I feel like that happened to me too (training bra). Later, in 12th grade, I asked my mom to take me shopping for a prom dress. Her response: "Why? No one is going to ask you!" Yiiiikes.

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On It's a Girl, My Lord, in a Flatbed Ford

Christopher Cross! "Sailing" is my forever jam. You don't even need to know the words. Just hum along and then belt out SAIIIIIIILING!

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On Cheryl Strayed, Cary Tennis, Emily Yoffe, and Lynn Coady Walk Into a "Bar"

@Slutface I love "Ask A Manager" -- it's all work stuff and horrible bosses and can my employer really do this to me? And it gets updated like 5 times a day so there is always a new problem to read about!

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On There's Always Ice Cream in the Banana Stand

The first time I tried to make that frozen banana ice cream, I put whole UNPEELED bananas in the freezer. SAD TROMBONE! Also, it's pretty good "ice cream" if you retain fond memories of Gerber banana baby food...

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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

Maybe I'm dense (also a lawyer who had a lot of student loans here) but I don't understand married couples who don't share everything financially - income, debts, expenses. It just does not compute to me. Always makes me think of the Joy Luck Club where the one mom is all "YOUR HOUSE IS UNBALANCED!!!!!!"

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On Beauty Q&A: The Most Beautiful Bright Lipstick in the Land

Shirt lady! If you are willing to pay over $100, you might want to try a shirt by Rebecca & Drew -- they are sized by bra size and body type for a gap-free button-down shirt experience. Good for business times!

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On Ask a Med Student

@olivebee Something similar to that JUST happened to me. I was crying and twisting in pain and ended up going to the ER. Turned out to be an ovarian cyst! Got some sweet pain meds...

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On "She likes Target, the Food Network and sun-dried tomatoes"

Dorothy: Mary Worth? I haven't read that in years.
Blanche: Really? Let me catch you up to speed... It's later the same day...

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