On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

I loved this show and am looking forward to more episodes. Also, I would KILL for Lena's hair. It is inspiring me to grow my own out though.

Sundance has been killing it on TV shows lately. The Writer's Room, hosted by Jim Rash is great if you are a TV nerd like me. I really loved Rectify, another moody and beautiful show, set in Southern U.S. and highly recommended if you like this show. Top of the Lake is next on my list now that school is over.

I just looked at their website and apparently they have a new show coming out in Febuary called The Red Road starring Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa. Here's the description, it sounds good:

"THE RED ROAD is a hard-hitting drama that revolves around a local cop struggling to keep his family together while policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up and the neighboring mountains, home of a Native American tribe. After a terrible tragedy and cover up occurs involving the cop’s wife an unholy alliance is forged between the cop and an ex-con, a dangerous member of the tribe that will come back to haunt all involved."

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@Ellie Apparently true but not without a cost:

"Dr. Lieber, who directs the alcohol research and treatment center at the Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Center, quickly cautioned that heavy drinkers pay a stiff price for their metabolic inefficiency. The very process that enables their bodies to dissipate alcohol's calories as useless heat also converts a host of environmental and food-borne substances into chemicals that can seriously injure vital organs."


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On Lines From Songs That Are Fun to Repurpose When You’re Playing Settlers of Catan

My friends and I say "We built this city on wheat and ore". In addition to lots of jokes involving having wood, wanting wood, etc.

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On Friday Open Thread

@backstagebethy Yay for West Wing marathons! I just completed one myself and then today I was standing in line at the liquor store behind the actress who plays Donna. It was surreal.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Summer Somewhere Sounds just like Minneapolis.

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On How to Live Practically Forever

Staying happy is good advice. I am sure my tendency towards depression and anxiety will eventually be the death of me.

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On We Wouldn't Have to Eat Kraft Dinner

@Lurkasaurus Not me, but a friend of mine hates both mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. He gets harassed for it constantly.

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On Cheryl Strayed, Cary Tennis, Emily Yoffe, and Lynn Coady Walk Into a "Bar"

Thank you for posting this!I am currently reading "Wild" and I regularly read advice columns, Prudie and Cary included. I didn't even know Cheryl Strayed had an advice column. Oh happy day, I get to spend the next several hours down the advice column rabbit hole!

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On The Best Time I Quit Drinking

As many others have said, this post is very timely for me. Just this past Friday open thread, I posted about how I have been drinking to excess more often than usual lately. I know why, I just am unsure if it is a problem that needs addressing or if it will just go away on its own. I have an extremely addictive personality, food, drugs, booze, caffeine....you name it, I have at one time in my life done it to excess.

Alcohol is not my problem, the addictive behaviors are. I just need to train my brain to become addicted to positive behaviors. I came across this book that sounds like it may give some insight into how to do this exactly. For those of you like me who have addictive personalities, it may be a step in the right direction.


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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Other good downtown restaurants:

Bullfrog: Cajun/Seafood http://bullfrogcajunbar.com/

Next door to Bullfrog, Butcher and the Boar, they have a huge patio and so many wonderful kinds of meat: http://butcherandtheboar.com/

The Depot, connected to the venue Prince made famous, First Avenue: Bacon wrapped hot dogs and amazing fries http://thedepottavern.com/

Also, downtown is swarming with many excellent food truck options. Enjoy!

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