On Where (My) Girls At?

I have lived in NYC for ten years and I think I've seen a group of white and black girls together zero times. Maybe what bothers people about the fact that there aren't any black girls in this white posse is because realistically, that's just the way it is. I used to watch the show Girlfriends and I don't recall white people being injected into the story in order to appeal to the white race so what's the deal here? As a side note, I have read all the reviews on this show and seen the show and frankly, I think everyone is over thinking it. It's cute. It reminds me of my early twenties but as far as it being the voice of a generation, the buck pretty much stopped during the unrealistic anal sex scene on the couch. This isn't a deep thinking show.

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 4:11 pm 6

On "Occasionally, when I've had too much sherry, I sometimes ask her ... 'how is the coat?'"

She's adorable but she needs to get a grip. She should be happy she got to wear it free of charge for the two or three years she had it. True the owner probably holds onto it tighter because this woman wants it so much but she most likely made a scene at her dinner party for the woman to point it out. And then she waved the coat good bye as the owner walked away? If I was the lucky coat owner I'd probably be cracking jokes about this woman at my own dinner party. "then, after she cried in the bathroom, she came out and offered me an obscene amount of money, which was embarassing and then she waved the coat good bye while i walked away."

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