"Eep op orp a-a" means "I love you."

On What Happens If You Put Placenta on Your Face?

I've had better results from a hemorrhoid treatment. After burying your face in between two watery cheeks for 30 minutes, anything life hands you will be better.

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On The Best Time I Was a Teenage Ayn Rand Worshipper

@Pj Taintz@facebook And the problem with that line of self-congratulatory thinking is that social programs were created to address devastating social problems that charities have been unable to address since the Middle Ages. And the whopping 8% differential in donation you celebrate would paint a rosy picture of the bleak conservative heart if it were universally applicable to every self-identified conservative. (By definition, it would never apply to objectivists, who loathe all charity). As conservatives claim a larger percentage of the US wealth, one would only expect the larger percentage of charitable giving would come from them. The really incriminating factor is that such giving isn't marked by a margin equal to the disparity in wealth. Conservatives may as well be lobbying for a return of workhouses for debtors.

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On The Best Time I Was a Teenage Ayn Rand Worshipper

@jessH Unlike the other writers you mention, Rand was a horrible novelist. Her characters are flat, her plot development is weak, and her prose is wretched. And you don't see George Bernard Shaw interrupting a storyline for an 80-page political monologue. So, to answer your question, the others get a pass because of the talent differential, before one even considers her ideas. Let's face it, the central conceit of the alienated hero is age-old. The only new twist she brought in was a celebration of chance exceptionalism.

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On The Cider Report

When you graduate from alco-pops, try Norman-style ciders (AKA "cidres" - the word is French, not Belgian?? for "Cider"). They're dry and taste like champagne. Unfortunately expensive imports in the US. But hopefully some of the single-gear-bike monkeys doing artisinal things are starting up a cider mill for adults.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

Fortunately, when you get to a certain age, your penis stops making most of your acquaintances. So it is possible to be "just friends." Really. I mean it. You can just sleep here with me, and I won't touch you.

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On I Drank the Kool-Aid, and It Was Juice

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